Beautiful in Blue

My blogging friend, Lala of Andallusia, Spain is an artistic woman of many talents. She makes fantastic baked goods and hosts pop up stores now and then where she serves tea and her beautiful baked goods. She is also a paper artist, Years ago when we first met through blogging I purchased some beautiful hand made paper notebooks from her. Too beautiful to use I might add.  Here is one of the notebooks that I keep close by. More recently she has been making aprons and I decided to splurge and buy one. It has been posted and I can't wait to get it. Here it is. You can read more about her wonderful creations and her joyful life here .

Christmas Plans for 2014

Hello friends, I hope you've all been doing well and keeping warm. Since I last posted here it has been cold with a light snow fall some of which remains on the floor of my patio. It is rather early for us to have snow. Normally we have rain at this time of year but in late Fall we've been having a lot of sunshine and cold weather. It warms up when the rains fall. A typical Kenyan village hut. I have been under the weather again. I seem to be under the weather a lot during our rainy season. I get very tired and my body seems to be "fighting" off  a cold all the time. At least this year I haven't felt cold indoors as I often do and I'm so grateful for that. I'm working on improving my circulation and I think it's working.  One big noticeable difference is that my lower limbs aren't numb and cold as they usually are (more about all this in a future post). I'm gearing up for Christmas both here and for sending Christmas cheer to Kenya