Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Continuing my Tour on Lake Baringo

In my last photo tour of my trip to Lake Baringo Kenya, I shared some photos of the interior of  Soi Safari Lodge where I stayed and some of the outside areas too.

Today I am going to share more scenes from the waterfront.

The beautiful scene from Soi Safari Lodge.
While I was on the boat tour I snapped many photos.

As we make our way out onto Lake Baringo, I snap a photo of the beautiful Soi Safari Lodge

Fishermen are transporting cattle to market. They are from the island so can't drive into town.
I am not a birder per se.  But I do like birds a lot. I was pleasantly surprised to capture a few of them in my photos while I was busy snapping photos of the beautiful environment all around me.

Birds nest in the trees on the water. I think there is a bird in the tree too.

I've read that there are over 500 bird species in and around the lake. Can you imagine?!

This is a birder's paradise and perhaps some day I will be able to spend time just to specifically for birds on a tour of the area.

 As it is I was happy for the bird photos I was able to capture in my short time on the water.

Little Egret

Pied Kingfisher
I'm not one hundred percent sure but I think the bird in the photo above and below is an African Darter.

The fishermen will throw a fish to an eagle so tourists can capture a photo.

The eagle wasn't cooperating because it had eaten several times that day already with other tours. Sylvester shows me his guide book so I could see what the eagle looks like.

These boats are made out of a very lightweight wood (almost like cork) that floats very well.

A close up of the wood from which the boat is made.

These buildings along the waterfront are almost hidden by the lush vegetation.

  Boats of all kinds are on shore.

 Fishermen's boats and the blue boats are probably local men hoping for tourists.

Nearing the hotel shoreline.
You can see the unique roof line of Soi Safari Lodge. Other buildings are of the small town.
There are more tourists from the lodge waiting for the boat to take them on the water.

 I hope you enjoyed the tour. 

I also hope some day you can take a trip to this beautiful area of the world.

Lake Baringo, Kenya

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