Monday, April 20, 2015

Humility in Yellow

I haven't taken any macro shots for a long time. I thought I better practice once more but it was a bit windy and I had no tripod. I got a few decent shots anyway.
(click on the photo for a slightly larger image).

I'm interested in the humble, happy dandelion right now because I'm drinking Dandelion Root Tea for it's medicinal properties. I'm not sure it will agree with me for the longer term as I seem to be having a few reactions but it is always good to try something new.

I thought the tea might help with my blood sugar levels but it is giving me stomachache and heartburn.
If you drink this tea please let me know what you've experienced.

If you missed my post about Baby Fidelis yesterday, please read and share the post widely. You can find it here 
The more people who know of the baby's situation, the more people who can help. Thank you so much for doing your part.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saving Angel Fidelis

Watch and share the video of Angel Fidelis who was born with large frontal growth (Encephalocele) with bone defect and she is expected to undergo reconstruction surgery in Canada.  The video is about 4 1/2 minutes in length.
For more information about Encephalocele click here

If you are reading this in Kenya you can send your support and donation to M-Pesa 
Paybill No.317 081
Account No. Fidelis

If you live elsewhere, you have several ways you can donate.
 I find the best & least expensive way to send a wire transfer is by setting up an account with World Remit. 
You will need the recipients name and phone number
The person coordinating funding is Joseph Wanjau and the phone number to send the donation to a mobile account (common way to receive and send funds in Kenya) is  +254 724 950 245

Once you set up an account and transfer the money it is there within minutes. I would also recommend you text the number to let them know the funds are for Angel (Baby) Fidelis.

 Mr. Wanjau has founded an organization in Kenya to help orphans and the disabled.
There is a Pay Pal donate button on the website.
You can find it here
 I sent my donation via Pay Pal.  There is space to identify the purpose of the funds when you send by Pay Pal.

At the website's donate page, you can also find information about sending a wire transfer to the organization's website. 

In  my own experience, I've found Pay Pal and World Remit to be better options because they are much faster, cheaper and even more reliable than sending to an organizational bank account.  The bank international wire option at a big bank takes at least a week and some times longer for the funds to get to the recipient, it costs at least 4x more than the World Remit or Pay Pal options, and is often unreliable.  This means you have to follow up and trace the funds that don't get to the recipient. You do not get funds back if they don't arrive where they are supposed to.  Perhaps others have had a better experience than I have with the bank to bank transfer.

To learn more about Joseph Wanjau, the man who is helping Angel Fideles and her family, you can watch
Voice for the voiceless

If you need any help or these instructions are not detailed enough, please contact me

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Hungry Doggie

This sweet dog looks longingly into the restaurant and didn't seem ready to leave when his master came out.

It seemed like he wanted to partake in some of the food his master had.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bluetiful Day

One day I was running errands in an area of town I seldom get to. I've had to go that way a few times in the last few months. 

Since it has literally been years and years since I have visited this part of town, the area has changed considerably.  Whenever yuppies move into a neighbourhood, they change the area dramatically by renovating houses, opening new shops and wonderful cafes and coffee shops.

I will have to return in future to check out some of these "new to me" places.

 On my last foray to the eastern part of the city, the sky was an absolutely beautiful blue, or "bluetiful".  It had been threatening to rain all day but the afternoon turned out to be fantastic.

I'm glad I ventured out after all rather than staying indoors where I would be snuggled against the elements. 

I mentioned that this part of town is changing dramatically.  Actually all parts of the city are changing dramatically.  No matter where you look new building and highrises are going up.  I don't usually take photos of the buildings that are going up as there are plenty of those. 

In the photo above, the building was difficult to cut out of the picture.  I also thought that the building added to the "flavour" of what is happening in the neighbourhood.

While I was trying to capture the sky and the contrail I noticed a bird flying by.

Birds in flight are always a nice surprise. 

A few days earlier before these blue and white sky photos were taken I was in a totally different neighbourhood in the centre of the city.  I was there to photograph more tree blossoms.

I wasn't the only one with this idea.

I crossed paths with at least 5 people in a matter of minutes.

We were all taking photos of the lovely tree blossoms.

 It was a very bright, sunny day with no clouds in sight.

I also took photos of beautiful red rhododendrons in full bloom but these photos were overexposed.
 I'm still learning my new camera and perhaps this summer I will get some better photos of flowers.


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