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Time in Eternity

Dear friends, Thank you for your kind and encouraging words on my last post. I wish to also thank those who prayed for my cousin Connie and our family. Last night Connie peacefully passed from this world into the next. As her sisters said to me shortly afterwards, "She is now with mom and dad and baby brother". ~~~   And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. Revelation 14:13 

An Update on This and That

I was hoping to share some photos of the harbour cruise from last week but I didn't have time to resize them.  Instead I'll share a few snippets and a bit of sad news. Two snapshots from my harbour walk. I always love to look at all the boats and yachts at the marina.  These first two shots are for Skywatch Friday visitors. The next photo is of a vintage dessert. This one reminds me of my late mom. Years ago when she still had a school age child at home she would make a dessert out of fruit, gelatin and whipped cream mixed in. This one has less whipped cream than she used to use because I wanted to save some as a topping.  When the jelly is half set, I diced fresh strawberries and bananas into the jelly along with whipped cream and then put it back in the refrigerator until fully set. Yummy! Though next time I will use more whipped cream mixed into the gelatin, lol. I'm reading my 24th book for 2018. This one is by a new to me author.   Read m

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday was sung a few times yesterday. I celebrated a birthday on Monday and though I don't generally go for big parties I do enjoy more intimate gatherings with family and friends. ~~~~~~~~ A friend made a scrumptious and diverse dinner.  There were 3 kinds of rice (plain white, brown and chicken pilau), millet ugali, chicken stew, sauteed kale/onions, roasted plantain, roasted chicken legs with a lemon sauce and chapati. Not to be outdone her son made 2 flavours of muffins in two different sizes.  We had a feast and I was stuffed. I thought it was rather creative how this young boy made cupcakes and bought candles to spell out Happy Birthday.  It was very sweet. Here is the young chef lighting up the cupcakes before they sang and I blew out candles. Not to be outdone my "baby" brother bought me a beautiful fruit cocktail cake with whipped cream frosting topped with fresh fruits. This is my favourite cake and it has now become a staple f

A Flying and Cruising Kind of Day

The other day I met a friend down by the Waterfront.   I took the SkyTrain as I was running late. On the platform catching the train to Waterfront Station.   On the ride to town I saw a few interesting sights for locals and tourists alike. Science World (the globe).   Click on Science World link above for more information if interested. As we head northwest, I am looking westward towards False Creek The building with "spikes" out the top is the stadium called BC Place. Smaller dome on right is "Rogers" The BC Place is where big concerts are held and also sports like hockey, football or soccer.  It seats 54, 320 people. It opened in June 1983 and has been the main venue for world events such as Pope John Paul IIs visit to Vancouver (1984) and the Winter Olympics of 2010.   The stadium underwent massive renovations which included the installation of a retractable roof.  Rogers Arena is just to the right of BC Place

Miracles Still Happen

And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The Lord, he is the God; the Lord, he is the God. 1 Kings 18:39 Grandma Sally was released to home today (Monday) and will have a nurse at home. This is a miracle as she was on life support just a short time ago and has been in intensive care for several months.  Grandma Sally is very old but obviously very strong and highly favored.  I can't believe she is actually sitting upright. She does look weak so kindly continue praying for her health and her comfort. I said a few posts ago that I didn't want to limit God and what he will do in Grandma Sally's circumstances given her very advanced age.  Sometimes the circumstances can look rather bleak but only God knows what he will do and why he is doing it. I hope to talk to Grandma's grandson later tonight to learn the details of her home care. Update :  Grandma Sally is quite weak. You can see it on her face.  She needs assistance

Update on Grandma Sally

Hello friends, Several of you have expressed that you  are waiting for updates about Grandma Sally. For those who are not aware, Grandma Sally has been in hospital for almost 3 months.  Many different medical interventions have been needed during that time and it has been an emotional roller coaster for those involved in overseeing her care since they do not live in the town where Grandma Sally is admitted to hospital. Grandma Sally has been in ICU for almost all of the 3 months she has been a patient.  She has also been unable to speak for much of that time and most recently had some growths (tumours) on her lungs.  Doctors recommended surgery but the family was reluctant due to Grandma Sally's advanced age. After discussion with doctors, the course of treatment was changed to some powerful medication.  It seems to have worked but in the recent week or so, Grandma's health deteriorated and she has been on life support. The family's goal has been to keep