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The Last Friday in February 2021

This week I thought for sure we were going to get spring weather but it snowed again.  When I awoke on Thursday this is what the scene looked like (left side). As the day progressed the sky clouded over and the snow melted There was a pinkish glow over the ski mountain (to the right of the church steeple in the photo). The phone camera didn't capture the colour so well. I bought most of these small cans of herbal teas on sale and I've only just started drinking them. The two I've tried (Antiox and Immune) are quite good. The Early Grey is not herbal tea but it is decaffeinated.  These came in handy this week while I was fighting off a sore throat during the snow spells we've been having. Normally I enjoy a cup of Rooibos tea (Red Bush tea from South Africa) at night. I baked these beef pot pies a few days ago as lunch items or snacks.  They are store bought and I don't like them much but they fill a need if nothing else is handy.   Reading I finished reading Woman i

Middle of February and We Got Our First Snow

On Sunday Valentine's Day we had snow fall. It snowed a few times more during the week but it didn't last more than one night before it all melted, at least where I live.  Sky   As the week progressed we also got more colour in the sky and it was so lovely to see the sunshine and the beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds. I made time to go for coffee. I just stopped off at McDonald's as it was close to where I needed to run some other errands. Besides I like their coffee since it is always hot and fresh.  Reading Going for solo coffee is when I love to bring a good book to read. I read these two different books on two different occasions. The first book is written by a fashion psychologist and talks about the science of fashion. It also gives you some tips on creating a minimalist wardrobe. I found it a very satisfying read and would like it for my  personal library but right now I'm still in downsizing mode so I'll hold off on that. I am not into working on my war

A Frigid Day

It's been a very busy and a very frigid week. It didn't start out so cold but as the days went by it got gradually colder and it isn't done yet.  You can perhaps see the chill in the sky. Sky   It was rush hour as I headed out to the library.  Books After I picked up the new books I head straight to McD's for a hot coffee and began to read the new memoir written by the country singer, Sara Evans. I'm enjoying it so far and the other books look really good as well. At least I have my reading material for the weekend.   Snow It snowed twice this week. Once on Monday and once on Tuesday but the snow didn't stick around. It is supposed to snow again on several days before the weekend is over. I found it very cold here and apparently the city smashed a 100 year record for cold weather in the last day or so. However the temperatures are nothing like it is in most of the rest of the province and in other parts of Canada and probably the USA too. Meals Saturday ni

I am Happy the Sun Came Out

Dear friends and fellow bloggers, I hope you enjoy the sky photos today. I was very happy to see the sun and the break in the gray skies. I can feel Spring in the air. Sky The early blooming pansies are surviving. Reading and Projects I continue to be busy with the personal family digital project. This weekend I will fine tune it and put the final touches on the first phase of it. I will be happy when it is completely done and I estimate completion by the end of February. I haven't had much time or mental energy for reading while working on the project which also requires a lot of mental energy.  Sadly I have decided to discontinue reading The Seven Pillars of Wisdom , a classic novel on which the movie, Sir Lawrence of Arabia is based. Truthfully I find it a big bore.  I've plodded through 150 pages and it's taken me at least 10 tries to get that far. I can't remember much of anything I've read so it will go back to the library in a few days.  I hope I don't of