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Outreach in Kenya

Some of my friends in Kenya went on a short term missions to the dry northern regions of Kenya to a place near Marsabit, Kenya. Along the way you can see it is quite dry. You can see wild ostriches along the highway. As they got closer to Nanyuki, Kenya, they had a car breakdown and had to overnight there. You can see some scenes in the general area and how dry it is. Stopping for a break. This young missionary couple in the photo are from the Maasai peoples of Maasai Mara and they were being accompanied to their missionary post in Marsabit area, where they will minister to the Rendille tribe of peoples. Young missionaries from the Maasai Mara in southern Kenya. A natural, local landmark. A local man in traditional dress pops into the local store. My friends were also on an short missions trip to deliver food, medicine, water and the gospel to these precious people.  The missionary family will stay behind and make this area their new homeland.  I'v


The month of June is almost over and it has flown by. I have a lot to do before the month is out and it will help me keep track of things and stay accountable to make a list here.  Once these tasks are done I will have finally caught up to a lot of the outstanding tasks I've been working toward completing over the last few months. Then I'll get a chance to enjoy the rest of the summer and visits with friends and family.  At least that is the hope.  I don't plan on taking any long trip this summer but I may be taking a few short trips in the local area and possibly one longer road trip before summer is out.  We have some beautiful scenery in this part of the world and it is good to get out and enjoy it once in awhile.   Balance of June To-Dos ·       Clean bird bath ·       Finish potting container garden ·       Clean patio pavers and patio umbrella ·       Get rid of all patio garbage ·       Finalize paperwork and filing ( In progress ) ·