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Bathed in Pastels

We continue to have rain (the almost constant rain for almost 2 months is not so good for the garden) and temperatures on the low side.  The past week it is a bit of sun and rain and I've noticed a lot of humidity though nothing like it gets in eastern Canada or eastern USA. I do find the skies are quite beautiful at sunrise and I like all the shades of colour I find in the early morning hours. I've been spending a lot of time on line doing an online version of  "window shopping" as I continue to look for a few items to complete my household decor needs.  I've been getting rid of a lot of things and still have one large item to offload, my late mom's first power wheelchair.  I've found a new home for it but it won't be out of my home for awhile yet. A friend of mine is raising money to replace the chair's batteries and battery charger and to hire someone to deliver it to the intended recipient.  This is a combined humanita

The Sky Looks Like a Painting

Hi friends, Happy Friday to you all. We've made it through another week intact.  When I last shared in this space a few days ago I mentioned it would be raining for a good part of the next two weeks. I'm happy to report that we had 2 nice days of sunshine. I made it out to grocery shopping early Thursday evening. It was just in time as the sky turned dark in readiness for rain again soon. I've been using the recent rainy days to read. I finished the books I mentioned in my last post here . Currently I am reading two new books. One called Before We Were Yours , by Lisa Wingate. This is a gut wrenching story based on a real life scandal in Tennessee where the director of an adoption agency was involved in kidnapping and selling the children of poor families into wealthy families.  The other book is called My Vanishing Country:  A Memoir by Bakari Sellers, elected in 2006 at just 22 years old, the youngest ever representative of the South Carolina legislature. Bakari Sel

Early Morning on the Patio

Hi blogging friends, I  hope you are all doing well and keeping happy and busy. We are still getting quite a lot of rain where I live and I haven't been out in the gardens much.  The long term weather forecast is for more rain over the next 2 weeks. It has also been cooler than usual. At the end of this new week we will crack the 20 Celsius mark for only the 2nd or 3rd time since the beginning of Spring. I'm not complaining as I'm still self isolating despite restrictions being lifted. I will continue to self isolate and keep my eye on the community transmission developments over the next few months. Being indoors means I am slowly getting some old business done though truthfully it is taking me a lot more time than I thought it would. I guess the good news is I always have something constructive to do. I was out in the patio garden very early one morning and captured these photos. Most of them are of a bush that I don't know the name of but which goes through a

Hello June

Happy June to all my lovely readers.  I hope and pray that June finds you doing better than May 😀 I've been busy working away on various projects that I've let languish for long. I'm pleased with my progress thus far and have more work to do.  Mainly I've been continuing my major decluttering project and in the process of doing that I've identified some household projects and also some decor needs.  These are minor things not major projects but they take time to implement.  It has been raining for much of the last 6 weeks so that has helped me move forward and squeeze projects into the available free time here and there. Where I live, the restrictions put in place over the last several months to contain the cases of Covid 19 are slowly and cautiously being lifted.  For now I remain in isolation and I intend to remain so until we see what happens with the forecasted 2nd wave of the virus in a few months time.  As in many countries and cities