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Missions Outreach - Christmas in Kenya 2014

Hello friends, It has been awhile since I wrote of the outreach to the humble villagers in Kenya. You can read more about our plans for Christmas Outreach here . Photo credits:  All photos in this post belong to Jonah of Missions of Hope, Kenya The outreach was a modest effort funded by myself and one other blogging friend.  In Kenya, my friends donated their time and energy to helping identify costs, shopping for all the refreshments and food, travelling to the Internally Displaced People's Camp and otherwise making it all happen. I just want to say that  my friends and I do not do good works while thinking of a reward in Heaven some day (scripture verse in above photo). We do it because we love people and hate to see them suffering.  The scripture teaches that whoever does not love does not know God for God is love  (1 John 4:8). The scripture is also clear that there is a reward some day for those that are God's disciples and do his will as in Matthew 10:42.   W

Beautiful World

I captured these sky photos while out on a walk the other day. I was very fascinated by the sky and took many photos.   I am always fascinated when the clouds up above are moving very quickly and changing the look of the sky.  Down below there was no wind but up above, there was obviously a lot of activity. My focus was on the moon which kept getting covered by the clouds. I hope you like the series.     Joining in with Skywatch Friday

Yesterday Spring Seemed So Close

Yesterday was filled with sadness and joy all in one day. I first heard the news about my Kenya friend losing her child. Mother and family are going through an incredibly rough time right now; financially and emotionally and for the mom, physically too. See my blog post here if you have a moment. Much later I went out for a walk. The day was gloriously warm and sunny. A rarity in Vancouver over the winter months. There were some early signs of Spring.  I'm not sure what these blossoms are but they caught my eye. The last time I took a photo of this fountain it was frozen solid. Yesterday it flowed freely. Some rose hips were evident. I haven't noticed this bush here before. A palm tree on someone's balcony beckons me to African shores. I smiled as this senior cycled by on his tricycle. A helicopter in flight. Can you spot it? It seems like this kind of warm weather seems to happen around this time every year, give or take

A Sad Story

A friend I met in Kenya many years ago had to be rushed to Tenwek Mission Hospital a few days ago due to complications with her pregnancy. Sadly she lost the baby at 31 weeks despite the hospital staff making heroic efforts to save the child. In her culture the unborn child must be buried within the day so several members of the community were at the hospital to receive the baby's remains and take him home for burial at the family compound.  The mother could not attend the burial as she is still in hospital. Compounding the pressures on the mother and her family is the fact that the hospital bill for her care is enormous. It is a huge concern for them and I don't know how they will meet the cost. I can only pray. I'm posting this so others can pray too. Not just for the bills to be met but for the grieving hearts and the physical trauma to heal properly. It takes time. If you can spare a few minutes, please have a look at this short video. It is of

Gluten Free

Hello friends, As I was cleaning out and organizing my kitchen cabinets the other day, I took stock of the various specialty flours I've purchased over time and never used. I decided they must be used soon. This will not only free up more kitchen cabinet space but also allow me to test how they affect my blood glucose levels. Right now I have: millet flour, sorghum flour, brown rice flour, maize flour, dark rye flour, coconut flour and some kind of gluten free all purpose flour made by Red Mills. I decided to try the All Purpose Baking Flour first as I need a bit of bread. This flour contains a blend of gluten free flours from potatoes, sorghum, tapioca, garbanzo and fava beans and is designed for those sensitive to wheat and gluten. This mix can be used for homemade cakes, cookies, breads, muffins, pancakes and waffles. After mixing the flour was quite lumpy.  The directions said to flatten or smooth out the top with a wet spatula. I did do that.  I see that the b

Menu Plan #3 & Thoughts on Posting on Line

Hello friends, (If you missed my Sky Post, you can see it here ). This is a bit of a hodge-podge post as I start off reviewing my experience over the past week with my menu plan. I then share some thoughts on posting too much information on line before sharing my menu plan for this week. I'm going into my 3rd week of menu planning and enjoying it quite a lot. I am finding I am eating healthier and have less cravings. On the day I went out last weekend without eating properly for lunch, I did end up eating very poorly that night. Some days are just like that.  Even though I took a light lunch with me, I guess I ate it too late to really help keep my blood glucose levels stable. This past week, I did manage to shop the flyers for those things that were on my menu plan. Of course not everything was on my plan but I didn't waste so much fresh fruit and vegetables since I did not over buy. In the past, I would often buy far more fruits and vegetables than I could possibly eat.

One Day This Week

Credit: Photo and quote from QuotesTree The hooded clouds, like friars, Tell their beads in drops of rain. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The sky is the daily bread of the eyes. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Joining Skywatch Friday here.