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A Busy Last Week in October

Hi friends, I've been busy since I last shared in this space. The weather has turned cool and the sunshine went away. We are now getting liquid sunshine. Sadly I didn't have an opportunity to get to my much desired walk in the park.  I'm still hoping to go soon and will share any photos I'm able to take. In the meantime the weather has me doing domestic things. First up, I made some delicious Butternut Squash Soup. It included carrots and potatoes and was even better than I anticipated. I also just love the autumnal colour. If you haven't made this soup yet you can find some good recipes at I'm currently making two different afghans. One is in the photo below. The other one (not pictured) is done in two colours: berry and magenta. I ran into some issues being able to get enough yarn for the latter. I started making it with my stash and when I returned to Michael's to purchase more yarn I discovered this yarn is now out of stock.

Fall Colour & Sunshine

I went to City Hall to try and vote in the advance poll for a new Mayor and city Councillors. The line up was so long and I had many other errands to run so I decided to wait until Saturday which is when the regular poll will be open. City Hall (front) Back (northern view) from City Hall. Downtown is in the distance. We've been having fabulous Fall weather this past week or so and the fall foliage is still on the trees but just barely in some cases. These photos were taken on my walk to City Hall. The next several photos were taken on the weekend. Look at the tree on the left side of the photo below. It's completely  missing half it's leaves. The large building complex in the photo below is nearing completion. You might recognize the tower from many of my earlier posts. I've been watching it go up for what seems like years though I think the construction started in earnest  last October. I've heard that th

Another Week Goes By

 Welcome everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the month of October so far. Another week has flown by. I didn't get out to take new photos because I'm still under the weather but these photos are relatively recent.  The weather is still beautiful here after a few days rain. The forecast is for sunshine for another week or so. I'm hoping to get out and enjoy it Sharing with  Skywatch Friday   and  Friday Foto Friends

Saving Pennies

Hi friends, In my last post I wrote that I would be sharing about ways I've recently been saving money.  I need to save money because the cost of living has only increased year after year and I want to continue giving to missions in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. Savings in my own needs helps me to continue giving. I am not denying my own needs though I often put them off and try to save something first. This is good common sense which should be done in any event. Television and Internet I have been wanting a smart TV and so I finally took the plunge and bought one just over a week ago (Sony Android 55 inch). It was $200 off the original price.  I'm just getting used to learning how to use it and have only watched a few You Tube videos on it. It will take some getting used to as I had my other TV for so long that using the controls became second nature to me. But my old TV while still working started showing signs of malfunction a few years ago already. I'

Tuesday News

Hi friends, I hope you are all doing well. I've been a bit under the weather so I have slowed down since the weekend. I managed to get together with a friend I seldom see. She invited me last minute for coffee and snacks and we were able to work it out. I always enjoy visiting with her. Other than that I've been catching up with various people in Kenya regarding matters that crop up during the missions outreach I do there. That always takes a fair bit of my time and is difficult because of the time and distance differences. I may have a more full some update later on the missions. I know some of you have been waiting. Since I posted my lovely sunny photos last Friday, the weather has returned to rain. Not endless rain so it is okay but gloomy looking overhead. I am not complaining because my neighbours in the province of Alberta have had lots of snow. I prefer the rain to snow.  No complaining when I see views like these.   Other than enjoy