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Grande Prairie to Chetwynd ~ The Journey Continues

Last time I left off on my journey to northern Alberta and British Columbia (BC), I was overnighting in Grande Prairie. I took a little break from blogging about my journey to feature the critical food situation in the Horn of Africa. If you missed that post, please click here . I'm so glad you've joined me for the continuation of my tour through northern BC and throughout Alberta. After we left the City of Grande Prairie, Alberta we went east to the small town of Valleyview which is located about 115 kms away. Here again is the map with the route marked in black.  Please click on any photo to enlarge it. Valleyview isn't a very big town.  It has a population of under 2000 people but it serves a catchment area of about 5000 people so it has all the basic services. The local Co-Op (cooperative) would be the place to purchase groceries and household items. After we leave Valleyview we are returning west.  This time we are going to Chetwynd in northern

Food Relief in the Horn of Africa

Hello friends and fellow bloggers, I have a guest post today from my friend Jonah in Kenya. He has recently participated in food relief for those affected by famine in the Horn of Africa and specifically the Maasai who live in Kenya and the Somalians that have fled Somalia to find food. I will continue with my series on my northern Canada travels soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you might have read in the leading newspapers, there is a very bad drought in northern Kenya, in Somalia and Ethiopia.  Christians here and several organizations have decided to do something about it and I got involved too. (You can click on any of the photos to enlarge). In the pictures you can see that we visited and took food relief to the Maasai people and the Somalians providing much needed water and other supplies. I think we have got to do something.  At least visit these people and give what we have. Going there is not easy but we have to try to make a difference at least.

The Journey Continues - Hinton to Hines Creek

On the morning we were leaving Hinton we took a drive through the town looking for a place to have breakfast. We stopped at a fast food place then  made our way back to the highway heading north. We passed by the mall you see in the photo above.  The morning was overcast and a bit crisp and rain was threatening. We continued our drive through a secondary highway to Grande Prairie in Northern Alberta. You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them. You will often see smudges and smears on the car windshield. When you are driving fast in the north, many insects and bugs hit against the car and make marks all over the windshield when they splatter due to the impact.  My brother kept telling me that it would add character to my photos when I complained of the dirty windshield. There was no point to clean the windshield because there is no way it would stay clean! This stretch of highway was very busy with work crews who are widening the road though I didn't take ph