Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Summer Solstice ~ Tuesday 4 Meme

Welcome, it's Tuesday 4 time.  Annie keeps the meme going in memory of her friend Toni Taddeo who really enjoyed her blogs. 

The Summer solstice arrived and some got hot weather and some got chill and rain.  But summer is the time for holidays or vacations, summertime activities and being outdoors more.  It's also a time, like winter, for complaints and we realize that people in Texas, Arizona and Florida stay inside in summer.

1. How is summer treating you so far this year?   Could things improve? How do you make summer fun in your neck of the woods?

This year is a rather different summer for me. Normally I try to get out and enjoy some events and outdoor venues as well as take a few short trips a few hours north, see some local friends and try and stay cool. This summer we had a very hot start to the season but just prior to and after the intense heat, I've been consistently busy with small home improvements.   In addition to the usual daily routines, appointments and continual decluttering process, I do a little on various projects almost every day when I'm up to it.  I'm finding my schedule very full this summer with all the above, health related things like lab tests (lots of those, and a few doctor appointments. In between I'm reading, crafting and spending time with friends.  I'm also clearing out all the stuff from the patio because the patios will be totally redone in my building. They should have started work already so they are behind schedule since we don't even know what the financial costs are yet. The owners have to vote on the work plan at a special meeting too.

Looking back at my blog posts I see that I began home DIYs way back in August 2022. Wow! I think it has all really been much more work than I originally planned.  All of it is for the purpose of making my small home work much better for us than it did before and making more space by getting rid of a lot of things.  I'm spending all my 'free time' doing projects so now and then I take a break and do something like get a massage or a mani-pedi. I simply haven't had much time for blogging though. I hope to improve on that but not quite sure when I'll be up to doing more of it.

As I go along I see something else that needs or improving.  While I get rid of things I am also adding a purchases here and there. I'm trying hard not to buy anything that isn't strictly necessary because it's probably much better to wait until I've fully decluttered.  (Does one ever reach the point of full decluttering. I know that decluttering is a constant process but I'd like to get to the point of just maintaining rather than doing big clear outs.)  Things always seem to crop up.  For example, a knob broke off the top of a perfectly good floor lamp.  I wasn't planning on buying any more lamps so now I had to add it to the list. Of course I couldn't find something similar at a price I was willing to pay so ended up ordering something else altogether.  It will be a few more weeks before it arrives. Only then will I see if it works in the space. I did consider repairing the lamp but the piece that broke felling into the lamp and is no longer accessible.

2.We give you magic powers! You can change the climate, the surroundings, even  your house and anything you like. Tell us what you are doing to make your summer or your entire year better..... GO!

Oh goody! If I had magic powers I would have all my DIY projects done in a flash and done just the way I want them without having to try several times to get the project 'just right'.  I'd also like to expand my space by about half of what I have now and I'd love to have a dog and a cat.  

In the not too distant future I expect it is going to get very hot again. I don't enjoy the heat so I'd want to have more moderate temperatures so everyone can get outside and enjoy nature.  I'd also like to take some day trips or overnight trips with DH so he can see more of this beautiful country.

Another thing I would do with magic powers is take another trip. I'd love to go somewhere different but also back to Kenya.

3. The puppy on the boat at the right is your new friend.  He wants a name.  What name will you give him and would you like to be in that picture (if you can't sail we will provide someone for you!)

I've never been on a sailboat but it looks like fun with the wind blowing back one's hair as they sail across the ocean. I'd name the puppy Jerry in honour of my very first puppy.  Like most puppies he was very sweet and loving.

4.   It's friendship potluck day at your house this month.  Everyone is  coming. Please assign us what dishes each of us are to bring to make for a great day.  (By the way, you needn't use names. Just name some dishes  you would like people to bring along),

A few dishes to bring, potato salad, fruit salad, water melon, grapes and cherries, corn on the cob and various meats for the grill as well as buns. Rotisserie chicken is always great too.  These foods are more for a summer picnic which everyone loves.  One thing I used to love was a refreshing punch a friend would make. I can't remember quite what went into it but basically orange juice, pineapple and a fizzy drink like ginger ale.   That is probably far too much sugar for me now so I'd have much with a lot of ice.

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