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Beauty of Nature

Yesterday as I took a walk in the neighbourhood I snapped these photos while returning from my doctor's office. It was a beautiful Spring day. It seems one of the rare beautiful days we've had in a long while. How I appreciate those days when they do come, especially in Spring which is my favourite time of year. It is the time when trees begin to bud and early plants begin to sprout. A time when snows and rain have ceased and God once more restores and unfolds his beautiful creation to refresh us. This blog contains my little haiku verse and slide show set to traditional koto music. It is my praise to God for giving us the beautiful masterpiece of creation and natural beauty. For those of you who are weary of the long winter and the dark nights of the soul, I pray that the words and images which follow and the beautiful, traditional koto music, will be like a healing balm for your soul. snow is now far gone the days of misery past in its place, beauty The flow