Monday, August 10, 2020

Something New

I found a new way to while away a bit of time and relax.

These drawings and colours are painted by number using an app. It's a lot of fun. Once I've had enough of this colouring activity, I'm hoping to move on to another activity a friend told me about.  It's called Diamond Painting and it uses beads.

Have any of you hear of either this paint by number (app) or diamond painting?

When I was a lot younger, paint by numbers sets (physical ones) were a popular item for children. I believe they also came in black velvet sets. I googled 'black velvet paint by number' and was amazed at the variety and sophistication of the sets on offer these days.

I love learning new things and it's been a long time since I've picked up a new hobby. This Winter I'll have several hobby options to work with when I've got some time in the dark of Winter.

So far I've coloured many different drawings and saved them digitally.  There are too many to share individually so I've made a few collages for posting purposes.

These gazelles remind me of the wildlife in Kenya.  One also sees birds riding on hippos and rhinos where they provide a tick and other insect picking service.

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