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A Sunflower Sky

I hurriedly snapped these photos as the light was quickly fading. ~~~~ Walking through the community garden after watering I could see that many sunflowers had already dried up and died.  The plot holders probably haven't watered in quite some time. Many sunflowers in other plots were much taller than mine too.   When I was assigned a plot I was told not to plant a very tall variety. I guess some people don't listen well or their sunflowers were self seeded from last year's tall ones. Nonetheless I was pleased the sunflowers came up and that they got as tall as they did (they are over 6 feet tall). ~~~ It's been a busy and a quick week. My niece and I had a whirlwind visit with me trying to keep her occupied and busy for the time she was here. Her brother took her to the annual air show but this year they went to Chilliwack which has a free air show rather than the one they usually go to in Abbottsford. We didn&

This and That: Beautiful Skies and Various Hobbies

The beautiful sky that greeted my Saturday evening. Beyond getting rid of clutter I've been preparing for Fall and Winter projects and making a bit of progress. In February I purchased the fabrics on the left side of the collage (all cotton). On the weekend I purchased the fabrics on the right of the collage (all cotton, viscose, rayon and bamboo). I want to make some summer dresses or outfits but I haven't found the right patterns yet.  I keep looking on line for inspiration and ideas. I still need notions to undertake the various projects. These are not for my winter wardrobe. These are in preparation for next summer so I still have plenty of time to find just the right inspiration for the clothing. The white interfacing at the top of the right hand pile is for a project I hope to make for one of my brothers.This one I'm hoping to start before winter arrives. The olive green dress below is one I got a Kenyan seamstress to make for my l

The Close of Another Week

I love the first, blurred photo. The blurred, coloured lights give it added interest. (You can click each photo to enlarge). This was taken just after 5:30 a.m. The light is coming out about an hour later these days. ~~~ I've been busy this week with some  personal business and several things concerning the missions in Kenya. Eunice is still in hospital in Nakuru, Kenya awaiting the clearance of the bill before she can be transferred to hospice care in her home town. Much of my summer has been busy trying to declutter and also take care of old business. I write about some of it here on my blog. While I've been very busy from time to time I take time out by knitting and reading. These are the coloured, knitted cloths I've made so far. Some will be gifts and some will be for my own use as most of my dishcloths are at the end of their use.  I seem to go through a lot of them. I like seeing the different colours of cloths in the basket . ~~~~~~

Skies Over Vancouver, Skies Over You

Hello friends, It's hard to believe but the summer here is almost over. I captured these beauties in the early morning hours of Monday, August 5, 2019.  Taken at night at the community garden plots on August 8, 2019. Just a brief note about the Kenyan missions.  Ernest, the young man who was run over in Kenya (see side bar photos) is recovering well at home. He is escorted to the hospital each week for a check up to make sure everything is going well. The metal contraption (its name escapes me) has been removed. He now wears a cast and gets around with crutches and a wheelchair. Ernest is discharged from hospital. Here he is a few weeks later after the medical device was removed from his leg. Thank you so much to the two friends who helped with his hospital bill. Night descends quickly but still lots of people sitting in the park. ~~~~ In sadder news, my friend Eunice has been in hospital for going on 6 months in

A Productive July Ends

It's been a busy week so far. Nothing terribly exciting happening but all is satisfying. First up I delivered half of my personal library to a local care home. The recreational advisor saw my advertisement on the local Freecycle and said he would take all the books. So that was a God send since most takers just want a fictional book or two. A great many of the books I donated history books and reference books of all kinds (cooking, gardening, travel, self help and health books, how to books and cookbooks and a great many other topics).  The recreational person I dealt with told me they will sell books to benefit the seniors in their care. I do hope that they will have good success with the sales. Reading continues with a few good books in my pile each week. My recent reads were The Paris Seamstress , Rebel Queen and The Next Person You Meet in Heaven .  They were all good books and I've listed them in the order of enjoyment in case you are interested.  Right now I'