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Prayers Needed & Update Regarding Pay Pal

 Hi friends,   This is just a quick update to let you know about the missions needs in Kenya and to ask for prayers. Livingstone's crutches broke and needed to to be replaced. Jonah purchased some in Nakuru and shipped them to Kericho Town. This was an unforeseen expense but the crutches have gone through a lot of use as they have been used by two other patients we have helped. Cost for crutches and delivery was about $67 Canadian. I am not quite sure when he will go for followup and that always requires x-rays and usually plaster is redone. Please pray his bones will heal. Rose, the older lady who is with child was discharged to home for recovery from Covid. To date we have spent about $400 Canadian on her medications but she is not doing well. At the moment she needs oxygen support and we are trying to provide that. Cost for one tank is usually around $50. Canadian.  There are oxygen shortages in Kenya right now so that is a bit concerning but we are trying to get oxygen to her.

Yah, it's Friday

 Happy Friday and happy weekend ahead. It's been a busy week of errands and trying to find this and that for upcoming birthdays and projects so I'm a bit late with posting. I captured these sky shots in early morning hours. I'm actually a night owl as that is when I seem to get more energy to do things but I do love to see the sky and feel the cool air in the very early morning hours before the city gets loud and busy.         My herb garden is overgrown. Too hot to cook. I guess I should freeze some. I've slowed down reading but I have a number of books to keep me busy. I'm reading a little out of each one and hope I can finish them all before they are due at the library or unavailable for further renewals. I also picked up these magazines awhile ago. I seldom buy magazines any more but I'm sure I will enjoy them. I especially love looking at nicely decorated spaces and beautiful gardens. It relaxes me.   Last weekend I did a lot of meal preparation and batch c

Tuesday 4 ~ Blogging

Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 kept up in her memory.  This week the questions were supplied by Pamela Steiner.  Thanks Pamela and thank you Annie for keeping the meme going.      1.  Tell us about your blog.  When did you start blogging? My blog is about the simple things in life and later I also blogged about the charitable work I do in Kenya, East Africa. I started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep myself occupied with fruitful things, maintaining a simple life and sharing photos.  My brother set up my blog as it was all 'Greek to me'.  I started looking for simple and beautiful things to share and it also became like a diary of what was going on in my life. Mostly it was a way for me to keep focussing on joyful and happy things as a way to deal with  health issues that I am dealing with though I did not want the blog to be a daily journal of my illnesses. I was in fact trying to take my focus off of illness. At one point I deleted many blog posts (perhaps about 100

A Beautiful Friday

It is very early in the morning around 4:45 a.m. It feels so nice and fresh after the intense heat of the past week and some days.  Joining in with Skywatch Friday .  Thank you for stopping by.