Yesterday Spring Seemed So Close

Yesterday was filled with sadness and joy all in one day.

I first heard the news about my Kenya friend losing her child. Mother and family are going through an incredibly rough time right now; financially and emotionally and for the mom, physically too. See my blog post here if you have a moment.

Much later I went out for a walk.

The day was gloriously warm and sunny. A rarity in Vancouver over the winter months.

There were some early signs of Spring. 

I'm not sure what these blossoms are but they caught my eye.

The last time I took a photo of this fountain it was frozen solid. Yesterday it flowed freely.

Some rose hips were evident. I haven't noticed this bush here before.
A palm tree on someone's balcony beckons me to African shores.

I smiled as this senior cycled by on his tricycle.
A helicopter in flight. Can you spot it?

It seems like this kind of warm weather seems to happen around this time every year, give or take a week. Whether it remains is yet to be seen. At any rate, the real Spring is not so very far away from now.

As the sun was disappearing, it brought lovely pastel colours to the skies.

I like the look of the bare leaves like lace against the sky. The transit wires give added interest

I managed to take a shot of the half moon before the light got too low

I captured these pansies just before I stopped at the final store.  They are on the corner of two main city streets that get a lot of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. So you can see that pedestrians have been using the planter as an ashtray. What a shame!

 It was the end of my picture taking as night fell (just after 5 p.m.).

You can see the twin (mountain) peaks of the Lions way in back of mountains and the towers of downtown.
 Though it was sunny yesterday, today was a bit misty and foggy at higher levels.
In the east they are having winter storms.

I hope you are warm wherever you are in the world.

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  1. We are having such funny weather here too, and bulbs are coming up x

  2. Hello, dear friend! I am so sorry to hear about your friend losing her child - what a sad and difficult time.... She will certainly be in my prayers.

    Your photos were a joy to look at. May you have a blessed day! Hugs!

  3. Thank you ladies. I appreciate all your comments!

  4. So sorry to hear about your friend's loss.

    Lovely blossoms and a peaceful sky.

  5. Very sad for your friend ! Your pictures make me longing for spring !

  6. Always love your photos taken while out on a walk. Vancouver is a wonderful city.

  7. I really like that shot of the blossom against the brick wall - showing the different composition and textures of wood, brick and blossom. (thank you for dropping by my blog - and yes my visit to BC this time last year was fantastic!)

  8. Sorry to hear of your friend's loss. The blossoms are gorgeous! We don't see many (any!) blossoms except inside the house this time of year in Iowa. I love fountains--they are so peaceful to watch and listen to.


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