Day One of Routine ~ Not!

Hello friends,

I hope you all had a great day today.

I decided to postpone my regular routine and just took it easy for another day.

I did very little. I talked to mom, had a shower, a cup of coffee and am reading a good book in between doing a little of this and that around the house.

The 3rd and last book in Ken Follett's Century Trilogy.
This book is extremely popular and has many holds on it at the library.   had better finish it quickly as it is due soon. I've haven't been reading as much over Christmas holiday as I had hoped so I still have hundreds of pages to go before I am done.

I love reading. It gives me a lot of joy.  How about you?

Two other books I've read this past week.

Each year I am steadily increasing my reading goal. At the same time I don't want to make the goal so high that I don't achieve it.

Last year I started my reading goal quite modest. I think it was 25 books and I kept gradually increasing it because I kept surpassing the goal. I ended the year with 56 books read and that didn't seem too onerous.

This year I've set my goal at 45 books. If I find myself getting behind I will simply reduce it so it doesn't become a chore.

Over Christmas I posted on my blog that the highways through the mountains to go and visit my mom were mostly bare and clear. Then we were expecting a snow storm over the weekend but it didn't affect where I live. However it did affect most of the rest of the province and there are a number of road accidents. Unfortunately, I also had some sad news.  One of my brother's friends passed while he was shovelling snow the other day. This is very sad because he is under the age of 50 years. It really drives home how dangerous it is for people to shovel snow. Especially if they have any unknown heart issues.

Please be careful if you are shovelling snow. It might be better to hire someone if you aren't feeling up to it. This is not activity in which one should push themselves to do more. If you are tackling the job yourself, read these tips on how to take care of yourself.

Keep safe and enjoy the snowfall if you are affected by winter snows. It can make everything look so clean and pretty.


Chris said…
I am sorry to
Hear about your brothers friend. Every year we hear about heart attacks and snow shovelling, we've had close to 2 feet of snow I'm Kelowna and I am looking forward to a hot bath tonight! Ken Follet is a great writer. Enjoy your book !
Jo said…
Hi Penny, I'm sorry to hear of your brother's friend passing so unexpectedly. I can't imagine having to shovel snow before moving a vehicle. I also love reading and since I've had a Kindle, I think I read over 60 books last year. (I'll have to check - on my credit card account!) From the end of August until a few days into November, I read a book of 999 pages. It's called Shantaram and really holds the attention. I'm glad you had a day of rest. Blessings Jo
Joyful said…
Thank you for your kind thoughts Chris. It is amazing that every year there are so many deaths due to shovelling snow. I hope you don't get too much more snow in Kelowna this week as I know the storm is blowing through. I am enjoying Ken Follett's latest book and hope I can finish it soon.
Joyful said…
Thank you for your kind words Jo. It is difficult I'm sure for you to imagine shovelling snow for months on end in the winter. Where I live we don't get that much snow and when we do it makes things difficult because it is damp here and it can get icy. I looked up Shantaram and it turns out we have it in our library system. I am 14 on the list for 8 copies so it shouldn't be too long before I get the call to come and pick it up. If you have other reading suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Blessings. xx
Joanne Noragon said…
Snow is the perennial problem, where it snows.Best curse it then hire it done.
Ceil said…
Hi Joyful! I am so sorry to hear about your brother's friend. And so young! What lovely instructions for us all you gave on snow shoveling too. It seems like it's just another chore, but it is hard on the body.

Your day off sounded lovely. I think we all need a day like that to just soak up the rest and silence. It's so easy to get caught up in the 'to do' lists. Funny how our own rest rarely makes those lists.
I LOVE that series by Ken Follett. I've read all of them except for the one you have. It's on hold like crazy at our library too. I bet it's wonderful too. I have enjoyed every single page!

Happy New Year to you and yours my friend. And be careful out there too,
Joyful said…
Thank you for your kind words Ceil. You are so right about leaving ourselves off of our "to do" lists. That's a good point to remember. Happy New Year to you too dear Ceil. May the year unfold in all the ways you wish and hope for. xx

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