Friday, June 19, 2020

The Sky Looks Like a Painting

Hi friends,

Happy Friday to you all. We've made it through another week intact.  When I last shared in this space a few days ago I mentioned it would be raining for a good part of the next two weeks. I'm happy to report that we had 2 nice days of sunshine. I made it out to grocery shopping early Thursday evening. It was just in time as the sky turned dark in readiness for rain again soon.

I've been using the recent rainy days to read. I finished the books I mentioned in my last post here.

Currently I am reading two new books. One called Before We Were Yours, by Lisa Wingate. This is a gut wrenching story based on a real life scandal in Tennessee where the director of an adoption agency was involved in kidnapping and selling the children of poor families into wealthy families.  The other book is called My Vanishing Country:  A Memoir by Bakari Sellers, elected in 2006 at just 22 years old, the youngest ever representative of the South Carolina legislature. Bakari Sellers is a lawyer and CNN political analyst.  This book is part memoir, part cultural analysis. It's set in the author's hometown of Denmark, South Carolina, one of the poorest states in the USA. I've just started the book but I've read it will trace his father's friendships with Stokely Carmichael, Trinidadian-American civil rights leader and Martin Luther King, civil rights hero and explore the plight of the rural South's dwindling black working class.

It isn't very often I get to see such vibrant colour in the morning sky. I was lucky to capture these images.

Enjoy the sky where ever you are in the world. 
Keep well and keep safe.

Joining Skywatch Friday today and paying homage to Friday Foto Friends. xx


  1. What beautiful colors you are sharing with us. The weather doesn't always do what the forecast says it will do and we are fortunate you were there to capture it.

  2. Wow, those are gorgeous. Very much like paintings. Incredible colors!

  3. Incredible sunset photographs. I will put these two books on my to read list for 2020. Thank you for the suggestions. You have a nice weekend and be safe.

  4. Hello
    I enjoyed the Lisa Wingate book.. Your sky images are so pretty, the colors are stunning. SO glad you had some nice sunny weather. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  5. Beautiful sunrises!! Very vibrant color! Love to see such beauty. The books sound very interesting too, esp. the first one about the adoptions. I may want to check that out. I am currently researching my grandmother's genealogy, as she was adopted, and since having my DNA tested I am discovering family we never knew existed! It is fascinating. I am trying to verify the connections I am making, and it is slow going, but still very interesting. Take care and have a blessed week.

  6. Wow, what stunning skies well done Penny. I am not getting much reading done other than when I go to bed, life seems to be busier than ever since we have been on lock-down. Part of it is of course we never go out to friends or go for a meal at the present time so I am spending so much more time in the kitchen.

    Have you read the Outlander books? Nigel was totally hooked on them and I read some of her short stories which totally put me off. Eventually I decided the Nigel and I almost always agree on books so I would read Outlander Book 1. Now I understand why he was hooked as I am making my way now through the whole series. Think there is now 9 in the series. Author Diana Gabaldon.

    Have a good weekend, stay safe and keep well, Diane

  7. You must have been up very early to get the sunrise shots.

  8. Beautiful sky pictures. I confess, I do not get up that early.

  9. They sound interesting books. Nice sky too.

  10. Lovely sky shots. Love love Before we were yours.

  11. Glorious early morning sky, a promise of a nice day to start! At this time of year, sunrise is so early. “An early bird catches the worm” is so true. I’m rather an owl. Thanks for returning my post. I'm glad you could see all the photos including the missing ones.


  12. Beautiful sky pictures!!! Yes, like a beautiful painting!! How magnificent!!
    Happy reading!! Have a blessed week!!!♡

  13. Such wonderful colours in the sky, so nice to see your photographs.

    All the best Jan


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