This blog is about savoring the good and small things in life and being thankful for what I have. I am retired now and trying to do my part to live simply and frugally so I can help on the mission field.

I have a heart for widows and children, especially orphans especially in the country of Kenya though I also have a heart for Africa generally.  I know many more people who need help and yet others who need medical treatment which can be very expensive. You can read more about the various works below.

My charitable giving in Kenya started in the villages around Kericho and extended at times to Nakuru, Kisii, Narok and Nairobi and small villages in northern Kenya. I now mainly focus in the villages around Kericho.  From time to time, I also help villagers from Pokot areas of Kenya in the north, with their medical needs.

My work in Kenya also led me to sponsor several children through Compassion International's Canadian office. I first sponsored two young boys named Peter and John. Peter has now left the program and I am sponsoring another young boy named Ian.

John is the first boy I sponsored and he turned 15 years old in June 2018.  John lives in a slum in Nairobi.

I also corresponded for years with Haile from Ethiopia.  He was sponsored financially but for whatever reason his sponsor didn't write to him so I volunteered.  When Haile graduated from the program in June 2013 I was permitted to send him a large financial gift to help him transition to adulthood. Through the course of the time I corresponded with him I was also able to send him birthday gifts and family gifts. 

Haile through the years. He is age 21 in the photo on the far left.

I am now the correspondent for another boy from Ethiopia.  His name is Wondimu and  he turned 8 in March 2018 (photo is outdated and I will upload another one later).

All my boys are sponsored through Compassion Canada and I've been sponsoring children with Compassion since November 2010.  It is my joy to receive letters from these boys and to write to them too.

It is nice to know what is on their hearts and to receive their prayer requests.

In the last few years, John started to write me letters in English and in his own hand. He has excellent printing and is very neat. Haile was able to write me his own letters but since they were written in Amharic, they needed to be translated into English. We only had about one and a half years together but in that time I could see that he was interested in the world around him and the broader economic activity in Ethiopia, soccer, animal husbandry and his developing relationship with God. I miss hearing from him and continue to pray for his needs.

In February 2013, I added three more children to my growing family of sponsored children.  They were all from the country of Zambia, a land locked country located northeast of South Africa. My sponsorship lasted a little less than a year and then came to an end.  The young woman from Canada who was voluntarily coordinating sponsorship abruptly pulled out of that role and is now organizing child sponsorship in Kenya.

In December 2017, I decided to sponsor my first child from Uganda through an organization called "Food for the Hungry".  His name is Kevin and he is 13 years old.

Projects so far have included helping a few women start small business, helping farmers with seeds & fertilizer, helping the sick, helping students with school needs and clothing, building jiko stoves for village women and food and evangelistic outreach at Christmas. For the past 4 years or so (including 2018) my missions work has mainly been in helping two Engineering students while they transition to the real world and one with a business start up,  helping a large, extended family with monthly food  and daily needs, and helping  many with expensive hospital and medical treatments costs and sadly, sometimes funeral costs.

This blog is my primary outlet for sharing about my simple life:  simple joys, simple activities, my faith and charitable works.  It is also my way to encourage others to join in with me in helping the villagers of Kenya.

Although I do not yet have any sponsored children in the highlands of Kenya I very much want to find a way to do that in future. In the meantime, I help as I am able.  

No organization or church is sponsoring any of this work.  This is a completely volunteer effort.  The two primary volunteers (myself and Jonah in Kenya) are Christian and many of the people we help are believers though not all. Helping non Christians gives an opportunity to demonstrate Christ's love and faith in action so the unsaved can believe that Christ died for and loves and cares for them today. From time to time, friends of mine and well wishers have contributed to various of the works we have undertaken and Jonah's church in Kenya has also assisted with manpower.

If God is speaking to you about any of this work and you wish to help, by all means contact me and we can discuss.  The kind of support needed is financial, prayer and practical support of various kinds.  You can reach me through the email link below.

My EMAIL contact here

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