A Reading Week

It's been cold over here. Since Thursday until today, we've had mostly clear skies,sunshine and a decided chill in the air.  It is always colder here when it isn't raining. Last night I felt the deep chill despite having the central heating on. When I woke up this morning, there was a sprinkling of snow on the ground. Enough to cause a lot of havoc on our streets because at a certain dewpoint (in this case zero degrees) we get fog cover and icy streets. The city workers weren't ready for the snow fall this morning for some reason but they should be ready now.  The meteorologist says this weather is expected to continue for a few days.

In other news I've been slowly making my way through two books "Where White Mean Fear to Tread", the autobiography of Russell Means and "Appetite for Life", the biography of Julia Childs.

I have completed the chapters devoted to Russell Meanses' early life and work history and am now in the early days of his involvement with the American Indian Movement (AIM), the sacrifices made by his family and and some of the personal angst he suffered in his early days of involvement with AIM.

I have completed the chapters devoted to Julia's Child's early life, her early work history in India and China, and marriage to Paul Child. I am now at the part where Julia has finished her training at the Cordon Bleu Institute in Paris and is writing her book on French cooking.

These two books couldn't be more different but they are very fascinating since both of these individuals contributed to the contemporary history of the United States.Initially I didn't like the style of either of these books but I got into them as I delved deeper into the books.

Both of the accomplished individuals in these books are now deceased and I  wanted to learn more about them and their huge contributions to today's society. Mr. Means came from an impoverished background, of rough living, drugs and moving from job to job; whereas Julie McWilliams came from a very privileged background.

I didn't plan to read both of these large-ish books at the same time but I'm glad it turned out that way for it helps me to compare and contrast how each of these larger than life individuals developed and became what they became. I found it very striking what each had gone through in their early lives and how they both reached a pivotal turning point in the direction of their respective lives when they reached their early 30s.  For Mr. Means this meant becoming highly active in the AIM movement and for Mrs. Child, this meant, getting married and moving to France to begin her culinary training and career.

I still have a lot to read and am taking my time. If you get a chance I would highly recommend you pick up one or both of these books.

In other news I've been spending some time studying Cree, dealing with things around the house and for my mom. I also have a whole lot of errands and appointments this month; many of which I've had to cancel or postpone due to the leg problem. If the weather ever improves I should feel better all around but I'm glad to make even a little progress. At least the weather is a good excuse for staying indoors and reading a good book.

I hope all of you are enjoying your January.



  1. Hehehe ... enjoy your books snugged-up and warm ... :) ... the Russell Means book sounds very interesting ...

    keep well and hope you get some relief for your leg ...

  2. I think I would enjoy both of those books also...I am plodding through Moby Dick, very much enjoying it but it is taking too long!

    1. Moby Dick is on my e-reader but I'm afraid I haven't gotten into the habit of reading on my e-reader yet, lol.

  3. Nothing like a good book!
    Barry bought me a Kindle, and I have been reading mainly lightweight Christian fiction so far.

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  5. Hello Ms Joyful :)

    You can bookmark any site or page you wish to by clicking on the "bookmarks" found on the upper portion of your browser. Then click bookmark this page. You need not highlight or right click the mouse to do that task :)

  6. I read Appetite for Life and loved it...and I just got a new Julia biography called Dearie but I haven't read it yet...

    ~Have a lovely day!


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