April Weather

It poured heavy rain today.

This is the weather forecast for the week.

While it appears we have rain for the next two days, I am pleased to see sunshine in the forecast for over a week! This is better than the forecast I saw yesterday which saw very little sunshine in the next week. 

I was so pleased to see beautiful skies earlier this week. It must be getting close to warmer temperatures and more frequent sunny days.

I am hoping to get to the new movie "Noah" tomorrow if my friend doesn't have to go in to work.  Another friend and I will try out a new to us Indian restaurant on Saturday.  I can't wait to taste the food.

I hope you are all enjoying your weather wherever you are.

Skywatch Friday


  1. Hello Joyful,
    Now that's interesting, you have been having rain also. For you emerging from Winter Snow, the rain would be a bit challenging happening amid the snow melting for Spring as well, but then maybe the rain helps to clean away the slush. Now I am just presuming those things and that you have had snow where you are in Canada.
    I do find Blogging is so interesting for discovering other places about the Earth, and has that personal touch with the stories and photos being from an individual person.
    I understand many places in the Northern Hemisphere has had either a very cold Winter, or not as cold as has been. So I can empathise with your longing Spring to really feel like it is happening.
    Thank for visiting my arriving rain post, was a pleasure to see there and to come visit you

    Oh gosh, the film Noah you may be seeing.. I have listened to reviews.. I'm looking forward to seeing it.. controversial, thought inspiring, beautifully filmed, well presented, different. I hope you enjoy seeing it.
    And may your palate savour the new tastes you'll experience at the Indian Restaurant

  2. We are going to have a lovely day here, but I am way too busy to get out in it, wah!

  3. Like you, hoping to get over the rain by Sunday, but temps are not spring like. Sigh.

  4. We would love rain here! Bring it on!

  5. Beautiful sky and capture! Enjoy the movie and the weekend!

  6. Beautiful shot! There are some subtle colors in that cloud.


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