Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mid-Summer Update

Hi friends,

It's been a few weeks since I posted last. How have you all been?

On my end I've had two visitors come and go. I enjoyed the time with them and look forward to their visits again next summer.  But for now I need to catch up on rest and house work.

My recent guest left on Friday. While she was here we had a lot of time for visiting and watching television as well as some walks and movies at the theatre and in house. I wanted to take her to a play under the stars in Stanley Park but she preferred to stay at home and watch movies. That worked for me too.  On Friday I escorted her home and at the same time had a long overdue visit with my mom.

While my guest was here I also had a surprise phone call and visit from my former Sunday School teacher and her grown children.  They have been coming the last few summers so the mother can visit her childhood friend who lives in Vancouver.  Though their trip was very quick we were able to squeeze in a visit before they departed. They kindly stopped along the way to visit my mom. I delayed my trip by one day to give them a chance to visit in private with mom.

When I visit mom I usually take time to clean and organize her closet, dresser drawers and snack food basket.  This time it was obvious that someone had spent time to organize her closet and they did a very nice job of it. It was a pleasant surprise and gave me more time to spend with mom and also attend to her medical care needs. It turns out she is fighting an infection and antibiotics and I wasn't aware of  that.  It probably explains why she has been sounding so tired this past week. She was on her 2nd day of a 7 day course if antibiotics when I visited.

I'm home again and catching up on my own sleep and errands.

I was able to pick up my glasses and order some contact lens.  I developed an eye infection and have had to spend a few days wearing eye glasses.  I'm not used to wearing glasses and my eyes have been sore from the strain. I'll likely be back to wearing contact lenses before I get used to the glasses. I've also had some major dental work done which I've been putting off all year due to illness or busyness.  I'm glad that the dental work is finally getting done and I'll be finished with it all next week.

The weather here has been unsettled for weeks. It means every day we get heavy cloud cover, sunshine and also heavy rain. I don't mind it but my garden hasn't done that well due to the inconsistency and too much water at times. I have enjoyed the blossoms that did come out though something ate all of the kale leaves and the cherry tomatoes just as they were ready to ripen. The snap peas did quite all right. The hot peppers didn't grow. It was probably too wet for them.

I put away the chair cushions due to rain. the pavers need a good cleaning but rain will dirty them again.

In the next few weeks I've got a lot to do. I have household projects to do besides cleaning. I've had these on the back burner because I haven't had time or motivation to get them done but I'm hoping to do them soon. I only have a few weeks before I have another visitor so we will see how far I get.  I also want to catch up on reading since I've gotten far behind. I'm still reading The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan. I am now 60% finished. I'm also reading Babbie Mason's Daughter of the Most High and Brian Hardin's Reframe.

I've also taken out several books from the library including:


  I've long been interested in raw eating so I've borrowed several books on the subject. 
I doubt that I will be a convert to raw food but it will be good to know more about it. 
Carol Alt, former supermodel looks the picture of health and has written extensively about raw food so I've taken out several of her books. 
I was intrigued by her saying she also eats meat.
 I always thought those who eat raw only eat vegetables and fruits. I clearly have a lot to learn.


Update from Kenya

My primary focus has been on helping the young girl who ran away from an arranged marriage. She has been in hospital since I posted last time. She has gone through ups and downs and as of yesterday was transferred to a different hospital for more advanced treatment. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Both of the university students I've been helping have done well in their classes receiving high marks except that each of them had one course where they only achieved a low average grade.
One of them participated in his graduation on Friday. 
The other one will graduate sometime in 2017. 


Thanks for visiting. 


Jo said...

Hi Penny, so good to see you. I'm glad you had visitors and were able to visit your mom as well. It's nice someone has tidied her closets; I wouldn't be "permitted" to help MOL Pam. Although it seems her place is a little neater these days. All I've heard about raw food has been good. It's a great healer by the sound of things. Thanks for a lovely post Blessings Jo

Joanne Noragon said...

Your plants look so nice. We're short on rain right now.

John's Island said...

Hi Joyful, sounds like you've had some nice visitors. Wonder if you snapped pics while out on your walks? Surprised to hear your weather has been so unsettled. Your garden looks good. Hope your eye issues are resolved soon. Summer is flying by! Wishing you rest and relaxation!

jabbott said...

Hi Penny sorry took so long to comment. Sorry to hear your mum and yourself have not been well I hope the antibiotics do the trick xx

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