Public Sculpture

It was another beautiful day today after several days of heavy rain. I didn't get to the waterfront as I'm feeling quite tired but I enjoy seeing the sun through my windows. 
I also enjoy seeing these photos of the waterfront and reminiscing about my time there.

Joining in with Our World Tuesday today.
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  1. What cool sculpture and an amazing scale and sky shot.

  2. It's been raining here for several days - lots of flooding! Glad you have sunshine again.

  3. I wonder if children find such large sculptures intimidating, or if they run and jump on them.

    1. The children don't seem traumatized. I see adults and children alike climbing all over the U shape. The other one is a light fixture and doesn't lend itself to climbers.

  4. There's some far out stuff for art these days.

  5. Nice pictres! Looks like a pleasant place.

  6. thank you so much for your lovely comment ! i hope, you enjoy these beautiful autumn days :-)

  7. I like this very much -- glad you are getting both needed rain and glorious sun!

  8. Those are interesting sculptures.

  9. I find it strange what is deemed 'art' sometimes, but if it causes happiness, then I'm all for it! My archives surprise me occasionally with something to make me smile, too.


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