I'm remembering better weather with clearer skies....
I captured these shots just over a week ago.

Trees are in the sky! 
Seriously these trees are planted high above the ground as they are part of an apartment building built over top a shopping mall.  This photo was taken near the entrance to the shopping mall but if you want to enter the apartment building the entrance is on the opposite end and at ground level.

Some trees have been looking a little bleak.
I'm remembering trees full of green leaves.  Within the last two weeks many trees have lost their leaves. It is at times like this each year that one appreciates the greenery that remains with all the coniferous trees we have. I am truly grateful.

I'm remembering a colourful container garden.  
A few posts ago, I mentioned that I wouldn't clean out the debris from my garden until the Spring. I meant to empty out the container garden and store the pots though I haven't yet. 
I'm amazed to see how the geraniums have managed to stay so green.

I'm remembering walks to the beach on sunlit days.
On my last walk down at the beach I found these cute critters.

I love seeing the ducks on the water as the sun set.

Most importantly, I'm remembering that on November 11, at 11:00 o'clock, cities and towns across Canada will celebrate our fallen war heroes.

I've always felt the poignancy of this day and the sacrifices made on my behalf.

The poem, In Flanders Field was written by Canadian physician, Lieutenant Colonel, John McCrae after officiating at a funeral of his fallen friend and soldier, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer. If you have a moment watch the video to hear the poem narrated with lovely photos.
If you don't have a moment, I've posted the poem below for you to read.


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  1. Oh what a wonderful tribute to Veterans and gorgeous photography of nature's beauty ^_^

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. I remember hearing Flanders Field read by my teacher when I was very young. The image of the crosses in the field has never left me. When I hear anyone talk of the War to End All Wars, I see crosses and poppies and remember a generation of young men lost.

  3. November is a month for remembering, as you so beautifully depict. The poem has always made me cry (or wish to at least)... a very beautiful reading of it. So sad ... and when will we ever learn?

  4. The fall season brings many changes. I like the beach photos.

  5. Enjoyed all your photo's. Love the ducks on the pond.

  6. Our trees are looking bleak, too, as is the weather.

  7. Lovely post. I was able to tour Flander's Fields last year -- what a travel highlight! We saw the cement bunkers where McCrae worked as a medic. So moving. Thanks for sharing this poem. It always chokes me up. . .

  8. Wonderful photographs.The world is beautiful. I love seeing your part of it.
    The tribute was moving and lovely.

    I really enjoyed this.

  9. Recent rain brought most of our colorful leaves to the ground. Now the job of blowing the leaves off the drive and porch! This was a beautiful post and tribute to those who have given so much.

  10. Hello, tree are wonderful wherever they are planted. I love seeing the gulls and the ducks. Lovely tribute to the war heroes and veterans. Your photos and post is beautiful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

    PS, I tried to fix the link and ended up deleting most of last weeks participants. Not sure why the two weeks were joined anyway. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment.

  11. Beautiful shots. Birds are having great time.

  12. For whatever reason, our leaves are still hanging on, even though the temps have dropped significantly, we've had rain and wind.

    Thank you for posting In Flanders Field. I love hearing it read to me by this beautiful voice. I just finished an Anne Perry book on WWI (part of her WWI series) and this is rather perfect timing.

  13. Beautiful photos and a meaningful tribute!

  14. A nice post and I love those ducks - trees on top of a building seem strange to me.

  15. Our Birch trees still have a mixture of green and yellow leaves, they are taking their time to drop their leaves. Nice post on the heroes and veterans. Enjoyed your tree images.

  16. I also love the duck photos. Thank you so much.

  17. November 11th is also celebrated in the United States as Veterans Day. I can hardly believe that this year is almost over... Summer went so fast, but so did spring. Life is flying by! Sweet post remembering greener days.

  18. A poignant day of memory. We had Veterans Day here, remembering our vets. I love the poem Flanders Fields. Such lovely photos too.

  19. Remembrance is wonderful for one to truly have appreciation xx

  20. Lots of wonderful photos. We're so cold, I gave up on bringing plants in!

  21. France will never forget, they had the toughest time ever during bot World Wars. Take care Diane


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