Thursday, July 19, 2018

A Little of This and That

Hi friends and fellow bloggers,

This is just a brief update as I'm not yet back to regular blogging.

We've been having a mini heat wave here so my on-going task is to stay cool.

I had unexpected oral surgery a few days ago and am now in the process of healing. In a few weeks I'll get the stitches out. I hope just in time for my delayed hygiene appointment. As always it's been a process of dealing with insurance pre-approvals and claims as well as dentist schedules. So far so good but it keeps one busy.  The surgery itself went well but the dentist really worked hard and I worried I would feel the pain later. I didn't. So that is a good thing. Next step will be a crown but that will have to wait until 2019. In the meantime I'll get some other temporary work done to preserve the tooth.

Some of you remember I purchased a new washer-dryer just over a month ago. Well a few weeks later my new dryer had a malfunction with the steam function.  So I've been dealing with the repairman and all that entails. He had to order a part and it's finally come in. Now I have to schedule time for him to come and fix the machine. I hope it will work properly now.  The worst part of all this is having to haul everything out of the laundry closet and then return it all after each look at the connections because of course I looked at everything too before the repairman came. The good news is that the washer and dryer work just fine except for the steam function.

I've been keeping busy with various other appointments for things I seldom do (infrared sauna, body massages, foot reflexology). It's all in a bid to help me feel better in addition to trying to eat right and do a bit of exercise. Every little bit helps but when the weather is too hot mostly everything is a challenge.

My reading goal for 2018 has been surpassed. I had a goal of reading 35 or 36 books and I've now completed 37 books. My goal has been modestly increased to 42.  I may have to increase that again because I've got several books on the go that will push me over that number soon.

I'm about to start reading this book

I'm preparing for my niece to visit me in a few weeks so I've got a number of things to do around the house. I ordered a very long curtain rod and when it arrived I put it up. It was barely long enough when I put it up (I knew that when I ordered it but it was the longest one I could find). After a day the rod and curtains started to sag and I had to take it all down. Sadly my efforts were all for nothing. I managed to locate one more rod which is much longer. I'll see if I can return the first one and order the next. I want to get this task done before the Fall. I've also ordered some "snakes" to put at the bottom of the windows and doors.  Together with the curtains it should really help keep the draft out this Winter.

My garden has been struggling this summer, especially the vegetables which are currently all looking stunted. But thankfully the flowers in containers have been doing well. I hope they last through the end of summer. Here is one photo during a cooler day when rain was expected. Our daily temperatures this summer have been much higher than the norm but thankfully there have been cooler days in between.

I've got some fun things planned this weekend. I'm attending a festival on Saturday and I'm going to a bridal shower on Sunday. In between I've got appointments so I'll be keeping busy. I also want to try and see a few movies:  RBG (probably its last showing on Monday night) and Christopher Robin which will be released in early August.

Photo taken last week while at bus stop. See the large cruise ship docked downtown.

The following photos were taken earlier in the month on a day when weather turned from hot to rain.


These final photos were taken at a plant nursery. 
I was happy to spot a lady bug crawling on some branches.
Sadly my camera phone couldn't get a good close up.

Even though I'm not back to regular blogging I've been managing to visit some of your blogs and hope to continue doing that over the next few weeks. Until then, take care and enjoy your summer.

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  1. I hope the tooth heals well and that you get your cap next year. I have 5 caps all done in South Africa, I hope I do not need anymore in a hurry they are expensive here!!
    You have done well with your reading, I have not kept a record of how many I have read but I doubt if I come anywhere close to you. I only read at night in bed so it all depends on how tired I am!
    Our garden is also struggling, first of all everything was waterlogged, now they are struggling as I cannot get enough water on them. Vicious circle.
    Take care Diane

  2. Dear Penny, I am sorry to hear about the oral surgery that you've had to have done...especially having to deal with pre-authorizations, etc. That was what held up my husband's eye surgery for months. Now that he is retired and on Medicare it was not an issue.

    I'm also sorry to hear about the steam function on your dryer needing a repair already. Glad to hear that other than that both your washer and dryer are doing fine.

    Good for you and your reading achievements this year! That is great. What is the full title of the book about Kate? I'd love to get it.

    Your flowers look amazing! Just beautiful and I love your choice of colors with them.

    Enjoy your weekend and the movies you hope to see as they become available.


  3. You remind me I must cut drafts this winter with curtains too. In three years I have not done this, but now it's past time.

  4. Speedy recovery and some nice books on your read list.

  5. Teeth and appointments are a pain. I hope everything gets back to normal. I wish I could read that many books in a year.

  6. I've made a reading goal of 50 books and have read 26. Just about right on target.

  7. Dental issues are no fun! I hope you will heal quickly.
    Happy Reading!

  8. Prayers for your healing from the oral surgery and that you will find a good balance in all things of health and daily life!!! You are always amazing in how much you do and read!!! Even when on breaks. Be well dear Joyful and we are always happy to see you so thanks for sharing your update, enjoy the weekend festivities and your upcoming visit with your niece!! Love and hugs!!xx

  9. Despite some of your challenges, you are keeping busy - my oh my - 37 books. I just can't imagine! We are also having very dry weather - although we planted drought-tolerant natives in our new landscaping, they still require regular watering to get established! Hope your healing continues to go well. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Wow Penny, I never realized you had oral surgery. Sorry to hear and hope you're feeling better. I love the selection of books you've read. I have read all of Alexander Mccall Smith's books set in Botswana. The main character is a Twana woman who owns a detective agency. Knowing your love for and interest in Africa, I wondered if you'd read any. I haven't counted my reading this year as I read on Kindle. I'm going back tonight and will check! You are amazingly adept at household chores even when there's a break. I would never look at an appliance before the repairman came. I also cannot deal with curtain rails and hooks. Great post and you've motivated me to take more interest in things when they go wrong and also to check my book count! Have a great day,Jo

  11. Hello Penny, thanks for the update. I hope you are feeling well after your oral surgery. I find myself reading more when I am not able to sleep or on the really hot days and the rainy days. We recently did some painting and put up some new curtains. I love your flower garden. Cute lady bug. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  12. Heal fast! Take care! Happy reading!

  13. I can't even tell you how many books I've read - I use my tablet for reading most of the time now. Some I delete and some I save. Love the colorful collection of books in your post.

  14. Love your pots of flowers, so very pretty. Love the little lady bug too. Hope you have lots of fun this weekend at your shower and festival. I would like to see Christopher Robin too. Take care and I hope you heal quickly Penny!

  15. Some pretty sky shots. I like the one with the cruise ship. Dental surgery has to be on my list of top 10 things I dislike the most! Sorry to hear you have to go through this, and wishing you a speedy recovery!

  16. I hope complete healing will come soon for your surgery and everything will go well with the crowning. I dread going to dentist. Your flowers are beautiful. We are also having hot weather. I too have been seeing some lady bugs in my garden. Take care!

  17. Nice shots. Good luck with your oral surgery and recovery.

  18. Oh, how I wish I loved to read, but sigh....if I read that many books I'd never remember what I'd read, but I don't guess that is the point! Reading is such a better way to spend your time than being on the Internet (ouch)...speaking to myself and nobody else! (insert sad face) THANK YOU so much for being faithful to link up. I'm really sorry I don't comment as fast or as often as I should. My Mom has dementia/ALZ and I'm spending more and more time taking care of her needs. Happy SONday, sweet Lady!

  19. I hope you get your steam function fixed.
    I love that you read so much. I looked at all the books and saw the only one that I have read is "Wild" by Cherl Strayed. That was one heck of a book.
    Take care, have a good week.

  20. Thank you for stopping by! always love when I see you!! love this post on Thur sorry for the delay just been dealt a big hand of LIFE
    getting caught up. I love reading but can't for the life of me figure how to post them on my blog the ones that I have read. I hope you feel better soon! It has been extremely HOT here in Oklahoma USA Friday at 8pm the temp was 108 with the heat index 117 Happy WEEK AHEAD

  21. I hope you feel a little better (and a little cooler) every day. You do have fun things planned with your niece and the shower. And one thing about being a bit under the weather -- you can make great progress on that book list! I'm impressed!

    Good luck -- I hate appliance repairs and it's especially annoying when they are brand new!


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