Update on Janet's Business

Hi friends and fellow bloggers,

I said in an earlier post that I would be updating the work we are doing with Janet in Kenya to give a progress update on the business she is trying to establish.

Here is a photo of the shop we rented. There is a shop/store on one side and her home on the other side. 

Janet at her new shop.

So far we have paid 2 months rent, a bit of food, a new, inexpensive telephone with camera and stock for the store. By far the most expensive thing is stock.

For now Janet is selling maize (corn) that she grew on the family farm before her brother chased her away. She was able to gain access to the maize. Other than that she has stocked the shop with all kinds of hair pieces and yarn for hair weaving. My apologies for the quality of the photos but Janet and her daughters never had a phone of their own so they are new to taking smart phone photos.  The phone is also quite inexpensive so the camera quality is not that high.


It took awhile to get everything set up because the space had to be readied for display, someone in a larger city had to purchase the stock and send it to her because it cost too much for her to travel there and back.  It takes all day to travel to the supplier and back and one has to pay for transport for 2 people to be able to carry the stock and food and sundries.  It also took awhile to buy the phone, have it shipped to her and time for her to pick up the phone, charge it up and figure out how it functions.


This is the supplier in Nakuru, Kenya

The store needs more stock.  The potential customers are asking for hair products she doesn't have yet. Some of these items are pictured below.  The products like oils and conditioners are more expensive, particularly if she is going to have enough stock on hand for sale. If the funds allow she could also diversify and sell some daily essentials which people need in the village.  Things that won't go bad due to lack of refrigeration.

I will send another month or two of rent by the end of this month.  At end of January I will send another two months rent.  This is so Janet can have some breathing space while she tries to get her business off the ground and save enough to pay rent, food and stock.

If you are touched to help Janet for Christmas, we would appreciate any contributions toward buying more stock so she can accelerate sales. If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope to have related updates in the near future about both Janet and several other Kenyans we are helping.  But this update is priority.  

The Pay Pal link button is located on the right side bar. Simply click on the photo of the flowers or you can scan the QR code if you have the app. I can't actually advise on using the QR code so let me know if you need something specific. My email can be found at my profile page.If you really want to help but you feel your donation is too small please know that even $20 US dollars goes a very long way toward paying a month's rent (half), buying basic food for Janet and her 4 daughters for 2 weeks or helps to fill the store shelves.

Thank you so much for your visit and your consideration.


Ellie_In_Moz said…
Oh Penny, how I admire an enterprising spirit. And I admire you for helping Janet to start up her shop and keep going. I tried to figure out where in Nakuru the suppliers are. I also think back fondly of a time in 2011 when you and I met at Guava Cafe, Nakuru. Bless you for your care. Jo
Joyful said…
Hi Jo, yes I too admire an enterprising spirit. I hope she could be as industrious as I know you are in building your business. The Nakuru supplier is in the business district of Nakuru and located just off the highway that goes into the city coming from Eldoret and going toward Nairobi. It's located in the general area of Nakuru Level 6 Hospital (government hospital) which I believe has had a name change and been upgraded since you and Grant lived in the Kerio Valley. I wish we could meet again at Guava. Those were the days.
Rhodesia said…
It looks like she is doing well, she sounds like a very resourceful young lady. I have much admiration for you and the people who are helping her.

Keep well Diane
Joyful said…
Thank you Diane. I know Janet will work hard to have the business become a going concern. She is very keen and seems to know how to get things done.
Mari said…
This is so exciting! It looks really nice.
Joyful said…
Hi Mari, I agree with you! I think Janet has done a fantastic job of getting things done in a very short time.
What a wonderful venture for Janet, and how good of you to help her so much. What a blessing that God has enabled you to provide in this way. Praying Janet will be able to get the stock she needs and build her business up so it will support her.
Joyful said…
Thank you, Pamela :-)

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