Flowers, Greens & Water

As I wandered to town on a short errand, I captured these refreshing snaps along the way. The first thing that was a surprise to me was the new community garden built right on the corner of two very busy downtown streets.

Entry to the garden

Vegetables grow here

And so do flowers

The growing season hasn't been under way that long here as the weather has been rather chilly all spring. We are just now getting good temperatures. At last. How nice it was to feel the warmth of the sun without a jacket today.

I always love to see the trees in the city. They soften the edges of the concrete jungle.

These flowers are in front of the city hospital which is just around the corner from the city garden.

And these lovely, refreshing fountains are across the street from the hospital at one of the city's newer and popular hotels, The Sheraton Wall Centre.

These flowers are planted where there would otherwise only be concrete at the Sheraton Wall Centre.

The concrete cobblestones make an interesting backdrop for the flowers, don't you think?

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