Today I am Thankful For....

... a number of answered prayers.

Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.

1 Chronicles 16:8

News that my friend Pastor Jonah has obtained a visa for his first trip to South Africa to participate in a conference for emerging leaders in Africa. Pastor Jonah is a very humble servant of the Lord and he has a great heart for evangelizing the youth. I feel that God wants to bless him with this opportunity to go to South Africa. I've been praying for this trip. So today you can imagine how excited I was when I learned that he has just obtained a visa. This means that the trip is closer to a reality.

A nice chat with Enock, a Kenyan student friend of mine who I haven't heard from in some time. He is back in college after a school break. That in itself is good news, but even better was the news that he received a generous financial gift from one of his papa's friends to help him enroll in college this term. God is so awesome!

My own mama has been needing a new apartment for the physically disabled. She has finally gotten a call to go and see one today. Praise God!

Listening to Reverend Faisal Malick's sermon on-line. If you've never heard him you will be blessed. He is a converted Muslim who is now being used to reach Muslims and others for the Lord. He and his wife, Sabina make a dynamic duo for the Lord.

Watching Pastor Len Paxton's tangle video "The Cross & The Holy Spirit". It is a message full of truth, dynamism and helps. Pastor Len heads the Acts 26:18 Ministry.

If you are into praying, I have a number of requests to share:

I pray that Pastor Jonah will have all the funds he needs and more, to make the trip to South Africa less stressful. It is always hard to plan to go far away when you have little in the way of means to meet your needs. Please pray along with me as Lord willing, the trip will happen in early June 2009.

Please pray for Enock's funds to complete his education on time. Brother Enock daily faces challenges that many college students in the developed world will never have to face or even imagine. This is true of many students in Africa, including Kenya. He is studying business administration at a Bible college and when he is finished, his dream is to go onto higher learning in North America.

Pray for my mama. Pray that God would clearly let her know if the home she saw today is the home that God wants for her, or that we will soon know to which home she will be able to move. Also, that she will have more than enough help for the move. There are particular challenges she faces in finding just the "right" home and in the timing of the move. God knows and cares about each one of these challenges.

Protection and anointing for Reverend Faisal and his wife, Sabina, and for Reverend Len and his wife, Angie as they carry out the work of God for the Kingdom. These two couples are dynamic duos spreading the truth of the gospel to the nations.

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If you have a prayer need, let me know and I will pray for you too. God bless!

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