Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Sky Over Solai

I've been on a short sojourn in Kenya. One of the things I wanted to do on this trip besides seeing little Kigen (see his story here ), was to travel to Solai. Solai is a small town located about a 50 minute drive north of Nakuru, Kenya.

I sponsor a little boy named Peter in Solai. I sponsor him through a charitable organization and I hadn't made arrangements to visit him so this trip was really just to get a feel for the place where he lives and to see with my own eyes what is located there. I hope to visit little Peter in person some day if God enables.

Most of the road to Solai is paved but the last 10 minutes or so you travel on a dirt road.

The skies were especially lovely that day and you can see the wispy white clouds against a clear blue sky. The earth road is a deep red colour.
I enjoyed these mud huts with thatched roofs along my journey.  There was an entire village of them along the road. Apparently the people who live there work at a farm.

The road to Solai is not so busy.  These were some of the few travellers we met along the dirt road.

I'm so glad I got a chance to visit this place. I will post more photos in a future blog post.  Thanks for joining me.

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Jo Hedges said...

Hi Penny, What a peaceful road and scenic sky, here in the beauty of Kenya. It was wonderful to meet you yesterday Penny. Blessed and safe journey back home. (((hugs))) J

Joyful said...

Hi Jo, how nice to have you as my first commenter today. This is one of my photos on the trip to Solai on Tuesday where I went to see the development centre where I help one little boy named Peter. It was good to see the place and it was equally good to meet you dear Jo! God bless. Hugs xx

Eileen3600 said...

Wonderful series of skywatch and scenery shots. Thanks for sharing some of Kenya.

Carver said...

I love the contrast between the beautiful sky and the earth tones. Wonderful shots.

Al said...

It looks so beautiful. That's a part of the world I'd love to visit.

Elizabeth Vignali said...

That first shot with the red road and blue sky is just gorgeous! What a fantastic opportunity for you. Safe travels.

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