Friday, February 8, 2013

Gone too Soon

God blesses those people who grieve. They will find comfort.

 Matthew 5:4

My heart is very sad today.

I heard the news that someone I love has died.

The little girl I knew as Little Linet has lost this earthly battle for her life.

I was first introduced to her by my friend Jonah who voluntarily undertook missions in Kenya for many years before recently stopping for a time of transition. He learned about Little Linet while he was going to university.  She was wasting away and unable to eat due to her cleft palate problem.  He took her for medical help and she was eventually able to resume eating and she regained some weight. Then I started trying to help her with her medical issues with the ultimate aim of getting her through cleft palate surgery.  Some of my lovely readers helped me with that. I am very grateful for your help. Rest in the knowledge with me that we tried to make her life and her small family's life a little brighter and to lessen their suffering.

We helped Mama Linet start a charcoal business, helped a bit with food needs and got Little Linet to the doctor twice for different medical treatments and also for a round of testing. She was declared a candidate for cleft palate surgery. That is where our help ended as we did not have enough to carry out the surgery.  I was still trying to save  money for that need.

Linet is gone too soon. Her poor family has one less child to care for but that does not alleviate their sorrow. I mourn for her right now. I mourn for the hugs and kisses she will never again receive from her mom and dad, the laughter and games she will not be able to partake in , the sunsets and sunrises she will never see again and never getting to hold her myself. I mourn for the joy she brought that will never be again.  But life is very difficult in Kenya for those that are very poor. That is one reason we wanted to help her get cleft palate surgery. At least if she had the surgery she would be marriageable and she would not have to fend for herself. There would be someone to help her provide food and she might have children some day of her own. Now all that is not to be.

I am grieving today.  But her loving family and Jonah who had the privilege of serving Little Linet and her family as best he could grieve more so.  Jonah got to know the family fairly well while he was a student in their town.  Now he is living back at his home but they called him just very recently and he rushed to Nakuru area where the family lives to see how he might help. Little Linet was very sick. Jonah rushed to her but it was already too late.  Sadly, Little Linet succumbed to the ravages of malaria. There was nothing that could be done to help her after he got there. It is very sad and we will try to do something to help with funeral arrangements and costs.  The burden of funeral needs and costs is a real hardship there in the poor slums and villages as it is anywhere else. That is the least that can be done for them at this difficult time.

Dear Little Linet, now you may rest in peace in the arms of our loving heavenly Father.
I hope one day to meet and share the hugs and laughter we could not share on this earth. 
Gone too soon my dear little angel. 
I will remember you.

(Please pray for Linet's family at this time).


Terra said...

That is so sad that help was given to her and still she died of malaria. You and Jonah gave so sweetly and will see her in heaven one day, I believe.

Joyful said...

Yes, Terra it is sad. It's also a reminder that we never know how much time any of us have left on earth and how it is we will go when the time comes. I just pray for peace for all of those who were in her world and comfort, especially for her family. I do agree that one day I believe we will see her again. Thank you for your kind words. xx

Jo said...

Oh Penny, as I've known and followed this little girl's plight, I feel a though she could be my granddaughter. I know how much you cared and tried to do for Linet and her family. I am SO sorry that this precious and courageous little girl has died. I pray for the family now. Blessings and (((Hugs))) Jo

Sr Crystal Mary Lindsey said...

This is so sad. I will pray for Linets family as God places them on my heart. She is not died but alive in Heaven. No more hurts just the Fathers love. But this does make up for the grief... Oh Lord, be the strength of the family and let them feel your love and peace. Amen.

Diane said...

Such sad news. Malaria is a cruel disease, but one that is more controlled in today's world. So, so sad that she did not get treatment in the early stages. My thoughts are with her family, and of course you and Jonah who have done so much for her. Diane

Hayu Maselli said...

Deares Penny,

You make me cry, so touching post. I am so sorry for you have loosed dearly friend.
I am sure your activities voluntary in Kenya so beautiful mission. helping those people.
my thought and prayer for her and family.
have a nice weekend Dear Penny.
big hugs

Beth Zimmerman said...

So sad! =( Thank you for your part in being Jesus with skin on to Linet and her family!

Pat said...

I am so sorry to hear of Linet's death at such a tender age. I know she was welcomed into the loving arms of Jesus and her body is whole and perfect now. No more pain or tears for her. But it's so sad for her family. I pray for the Lord's comfort upon them.

Joyful said...

Amen, Pat. She is now whole indeed and will no longer suffer. For that much we are so grateful. Thank you for your prayers for this precious family. xx

Denise said...

This is heartbreaking, so sorry my sweet friend. I love you. Praying for the family.

Lynn said...

Tragic story of a sweet life now abiding in our Father's loving arms in heaven. I can't imagine losing one so young who had already been through so much. Love and prayers for strength and comfort to you and Linet's family, life is so short, God is always good. Much love from Australia xxxxx

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