Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sewing Plans

Years and years ago I purchased a Janome machine and it gave me so many problems that it took away the fun of sewing. For years I thought the problem was really me. When I finally got rid of it and bought an Elna basic sewing machine, I realized that basic sewing was far more fun when one wasn't always trying to "baby" a sewing machine.

Then last winter I saw a fancier Janome machine that seemed like it would fit my needs for something better than basic. I am planning to make more quilts so I wanted a machine that could help me achieve that but also allow me to expand and advance my level of sewing projects.

This machine is easy to use. It comes with a DVD but I didn't find it necessary to view it first.

Some of the features which led me to purchase the machine are:

  • a thread cutter
  • self-threading machine
  • a drop in bobbin
  • a see through bobbin area
  • 1 step buttonhole attachment
  • a well marked needle plate
  • enough stitches to make sewing interesting but not so many as to be overwhelming
  • a quilt table and attachments
So far I've made 4 skirts for my mother, repaired a shirt for my brother, hemmed some jeans for myself and made a quilt for my niece.

My next project will be making a quilt for my nephew. I am way overdue on the project but I'm hoping it will be done by late June/early July.

 My nephew wanted a quilt like the one I made for his grandmother and pictured here. I hope to use some of the fabrics in this photo. Not all of them of course. I have to find the right combination of the ones below and some others I have on hand.


Jan said...

That looks a great addition to your home and I can't wait to see your Nephew's quilt. Happy sewing Penny. x

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I hope you enjoy your new machine and many more successful sewing projects, including quilts. It's very satisfying to enjoy making something you are pleased with, especially when that something is useful to others as well. Looks like a good quilt plan.

Joanne Noragon said...

I think you are good to go! Hoping for pictures of quilts as you sew along.

Denise said...

Hope the sewing makes you happy dear friend.

Pat said...

Your Janome sewing machine sounds super! What fun for you to be able to do all the things you'd like to do on a quilt, and to make sewing shirts and skirts easy. It is so satisfying ("sew" satisfying!) to make something with a sewing machine. I still have my Viking sewing machine, which I bought in 1975. It does what I need it to do. Sometimes I wish I had a fancier machine, but I don't sew enough any more to make it worth the expense. I have a very simple pattern for a man's shirt, and I've used it 3 times to make Jerry Hawaiian shirts. We'll be in Hawaii next December, so in Honolulu, I'll buy a couple more yards of different Hawaiian shirt material at WalMart to make him two more. That's the uniform of retired men! Hawaiian fabric takes up 3 aisles in the Honolulu WalMart--they have a huge and beautiful collection of high quality Hawaiian prints at reasonable prices.

Susan said...

You are so lucky you can sew! Just saw your flower shots and they are AWESOME. Thanks for your visits and comments on my blog. Always nice when you stop by. Susan

Lynda said...

I used to sew a lot when my children were younger but then got busy with working outside the home. Since I have retired, I would like to get my machine "cranked up" again - - but I don't think I will be as busy as you are.

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