Brrr, it has been quite chilly here both yesterday and today. On Monday it was overcast and raining. I think it was Monday night when it snowed on the mountain top. On Tuesday it was very windy and by the afternoon the clouds and dull sky had cleared.  I went out and joined a friend for a few hours of relaxation over coffee and a natter (chat).  Last night the temperature went as low as -2 Celsius and I had to turn the heat on for awhile in the living room.  My feet are like ice blocks this week so I also have on a pair of socks and slipper booties and from time to time I put the heating pad on my feet too.  I'm drinking cups of tea and hot chocolate to keep warm late at night.

Today it was another cold day.  I dressed warmly when I went out to buy the week's supply of vegetables and fruit.  I stopped at the Post Office where I posted a birthday card to a local friend and a Christmas card to Joshua, son of my new blogging friend, Tammy from Texas.

Tammy is my buddy for a home made ornament swap.  It turns out her son Joshua is in the Army and he is currently posted to the Middle East.  Sadly, he won't be able to join his wife or the rest of his family for Thanksgiving, Christmas or his birthday.  Being the good mother that she is, Tammy has asked people to help bring some Christmas cheer to Joshua by sending him a Christmas card.  Please read here and if you can, do send Joshua a card.

I was delighted to get a surprise at the post office.  I will write about the surprise very soon.

Today I also made 6 more crocheted hexagons for my blanket.  Yesterday and the day before I made the other 11 hexies and weaved in all the ends from the many other hexies made previously.  If I counted correctly, I only need one more hexagon to complete my blanket (I'll have to do a re-count to make sure).  I'm not excited yet. I'll be more excited when I'm finished joining all the pieces.  I'm joining in with Chrissie at Chrissie Crafts and Marianne at Ladybird Diaries

Chrissie Crafts
Since I snapped this photo I've made 6 more hexies, woven in all the ends of the others and took apart the hexies I joined together in week 1 (to get a preview of what things would look like).  The colour of the blue in the hexies at the front is off. They are a softer shade than what shows.

I made a couple of  foot appointments today. One for my mom's monthly foot care treatment.  I need to see the doctor to get some antibiotics for an infected toe and a referral to a foot nurse.  I've been going for a pedicure for years and years.  About 3 years ago I started getting infections in my big toes after getting my nails done.  I gather this is common for anyone with ingrown nails but it is a real pain, both figuratively and literally.  I found a mail person who was able to clean my nails and keep them infection free for almost two years now.  Then last week she informed me that she can no longer do ingrown nails due to health inspection rules.  When I heard that, I went back to my former nail salon (naughty me).  Two days later, I my toe was infected.  Lesson learned.  I am hoping a foot care nurse can correct the problem for good.  If not, I will likely need to get my toenails partially removed.

Yuck and sad face :-(.

I leave you now with a view from my patio today.

It was very windy yesterday and today. The good thing about the wind is it drives away the cloud cover.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


  1. Those infestions sounds like they are not clean enough! take peroxide or Tree tree oil with you next time with cotton buds and get the person who does your nail to put this on liberally. They are NOT to dip the cotton bud into the solution after they have used it on your toes. I would be using one cotton bud per toe to stop contamination. Tea tree oil or peroxide should stop that. If you are wearing shoes, and with the cold thats likely, then wear fresh clean cotton socks. Keep applying the te tree oil for a couple of days after.

  2. Hi Crystal Mary, I am a little confused about how one cotton bud per toe can stop contamination. I didn't have any infection to begin with so can't contaminate myself. Germs must have been spread through use of utensil or some other method as I got the infection later. I am using both peroxide and tea tree oil to treat myself and I won't be going to the spa salon any more for a pedicure. I do wear fresh socks every day.. I am going to the doctor for an assessment to be on the safe side. I 'll need a referral to a foot care nurse since I will no longer go to the spa nail salon. In Canada, foot care nurses have to be licensed to treat people with various foot conditions. You can also see a podiatrist but they charge about 5 times as much and do less than half the job. The only problem will be foot care when travelling. Hopefully the foot care nurse can correct the ingrown nails. She says she can and that the issue is very common.

  3. You are making great progress there! I am sorry about your toe, I hope it heals quickly. I love your pretty sky and view! Have a great day!

  4. It looks so cold there! We are in for some chilly weather, too, here in southern New Mexico. I'm happy to see the ongoing progress with your crochet project!

  5. Lovely hexies, you might not be excited about it yet, but I am! ;-) Chrissie x

  6. And the hexies have their own chair. How nice! I'm sure a specialist can take proper care of your toe.

  7. Hope your toe feels better and you find the right cure. My friend also suffers with that. Those hexies are beautiful! Love the blue hues!

  8. The crocheted flowers are very pretty. The lined up piece must be wonderful. Sorry for the infectin. Hope you treat well soon.

  9. Cannot wait to see your crochet finished, its going to look lovely x

  10. I once saw a podiatrist about my ingrown toenails and he said something about completely removing the nails on my big toes. I almost fainted from fear.
    I hope the nurse can help you avoid having any part of the nail removed. Scary stuff. (I don't care about having things like gallbladders removed, because they use a general anaesthetic.)
    Good luck. Oh, and I love your view. You can see more mountains now that the trees are bare.
    Luv, K

  11. Oh dear, toenails partly removed, I hope you heal beautifully and do not need that. It does not sound fun.
    I love the blue colors you are using in your hexagons, that blanket will be blissfully pretty, I am sure. Hello from your neighbor to the south.

  12. Infected toenails are awfully painful. TOH had to have his nail partially removed to stop the infections. That rug should keep you warm when it is finished.

  13. Great job! and wonderful sky shot..

  14. Lovely hexi's you are doing a fantastic job with them.

  15. Hello Joyful and before I ramble thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Thank you also for sharing Tammy's link, I have only just started following her a few days ago after seeing her on Instagram, I think it is such a lovely idea. I am so sorry to hear about your problems with your toes, I know that we have a similar problem with ingrown toes in the family and it does seem to be quite painful. I hope that somehow you find someone who can come and help you with it. You are making great progress with your hexies and you will be there in now time at this rate. I hope you have a lovely weekend. xoxo

  16. You are so talented Joyful. I've tried knitting, crocheting and sewing but I gave up, I don't have the patience. What a beautiful view from your patio! It's getting cold here in Sicily too, even though the sun still shines. Have a nice weekend!

  17. Oh wow, you have hooked these up so quick! I wish I had the determination to crochet my hexagons so quickly! Though I have a bad habit of getting distracted with other projects!

  18. The hexes have grown! There's lots. Can't wait to see then joined together. Gorgeous view from your patio how lovely to look out over that xx

  19. Somehow I almost missed this post - gosh life is busy isn't it! Your hexes are looking fab and I'm really excitedly waiting to see your finished blanket - what a great job you've done Joyful!
    I'm so sorry to hear of the trouble you have with your toe infection and hope you can quickly get the help needed to clear it up without having to resort to surgery! My poor Mum used to suffer terribly with ingrown toenails! What a beautiful view you have from your patio Joyful - you captured it beautifully! Sounds like you have really cold weather happening over there - keep warm and well! Blessings, Joy xo


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