Millet & 5 Grain Cereal Loaf

Hello friends,

Life continues to move along at a quick clip here on the west coast of Canada. I've been catching up to a lot of things and enjoying as much as I can.

A friend and I recently went to the newly released movie "12 Years a Slave". It is a heartbreaking story about a man, Solomon Northrup, a free black man who was captured and sold into slavery for 12 long years.  After he was freed and reunited with his wife and children, he wrote the story of his capture and enslavement and the movie is based on this first hand account.  It is not a pretty movie in terms of it's content but well worth watching for a glimpse into our sordid past as North Americans.

Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.
George Santayana 

The idealist in me hopes that when we learn from our past mistakes we are less likely to repeat them. I know this isn't always true but one can have positive hopes for the future.  Slavery still goes on today (sex slaves, child labourers and others) and it is something we must be alert to and try to stamp out.

On a lighter note, I've been busily crafting and making crocheted hexagons for an afghan I'm making for Christmas. I'm also thinking of several small gifts for different people which I can make in a short time since my 3 larger gifts are taking quite a while to make. I will be making some crocheted snowflake ornaments for a few people and also some dishcloths. I started on 2 of my quilts back in September but haven't finished them off yet. I hope to do that after I've got my hexagons finished.

I haven't been baking for a long while, partly for health reasons and partly because I usually bake in the winter months when we have cool temperatures.  Well the cooler weather has definitely arrived so I've been getting the urge to bake.  I have had a bag of millet flour (Bob's Red Mill brand) that I purchased awhile back and wanted to use.  I have been experimenting with it.

Click here to learn more about millet flour. I know a number of people who eat gluten-free but so far none of them have mentioned millet flour. Instead they tend to use rice flour. When I've travelled to Kenya, I've eaten millet porridge which is rather tasty. Millet is high in antioxidants and can be helpful in controlling diabetes and inflammation. I think we will be hearing about and seeing a lot more millet flour on the North American grocery shelves in the not too distant future. Hopefully that means the price of it will also come down.  One of my pet peeves is how expensive everything is in Canada when it is "new" on the shelves and it then becomes a trendy or "yuppie" product which is not so accessible to the masses.

I baked a couple of items based on the ingredients I had on hand. I will post the results for the next 3 Sundays (including today).  I don't think this recipe is gluten free because the 5 grain cereals sometimes have wheat in them. I've long thrown out my bag so I can't be precise on the ingredients so please adapt as you need to if you are gluten intolerant.

This isn't like a regular loaf of bread. This is more like a corn meal bread type of consistency but isn't sweet. Sorry for the blurred photo but the night lighting isn't good in my home.


  • 1 cup millet flour
  • 1 1/4 cups of 5 grain cereal (use food processor to grind medium fine)
  • 4 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 
  • 2 large eggs
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 1 cup milk

    • Directions
      Preheat oven to 400 Fahrenheit.

      Oil a loaf pan.
      Sift all dry ingredients together. 

      Beat eggs and add oil and milk.  Stir the dry ingredients into the wet mixture. Do not over mix. Bake until golden brown.  

      In my oven which is a little slow, it took 35 minutes to bake this loaf. You'll need to experiment with your oven.  I'd recommend starting with 20 minutes and increase the time as needed.

      This loaf is a bit like corn bread without the sweetener.  Feel free to add a bit of sweetener if you prefer.

      I had a slice with butter after cooling.  Yum!

      I had better sign out now and carry on with my crafting. I've got so much to do to be ready in time for Christmas.  For that reason I'm always so thankful that we celebrate Thanksgiving in October where I live.

      I'll be around to visit your blogs when I have a few moments in between crocheting.

      Cosmos and Cotton

      I'm joining up with the lovely Hannapat at the Weekly Bake (click on the photo above).

                                                                      Have a wonderful week!


      1. Hi joyful. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and also for your very supportive comments, I really appreciate them. I am really interested by your post today as my diet us completely gluten, dairy and soy free. I gave used millet in the past but it has always been mixed with other flours, so I would like to give this a try, it sounds great. If you like you could link it into my weekly bake post so others can benefit from this recipe too. It's interesting to learn that you have an interest in Africa and also travel literature. Have you read Christian Jennings 'Across a red river'? It's an amazing book about the Rwandan Genocide. This movie your friend went to see sounds like my cup of tea. Thanks for sharing all of this with us. Much love xoxo

        1. Hello Hannapat, I'm so glad you will give millet a try. Fortunately it is relatively easy to try so many different things today as long as one has the means to purchase them.

          Thank you too for the book recommendation. I haven't read that book before and it sounds like something I would be interested in. I do hope you will get a chance to see the movie when it plays near you. Though it was rather heavy it was very well done.

          I will have a look at your weekly bake post and try to link up there. Thanks again for the visit and comment. Big hugs. xx

      2. That looks delicious!

        ~Have a lovely day!

        1. It was pretty good! Hope you can try it. Have a great week.

      3. This looks great! My husband is trying an elimination diet and eliminating dairy and wheat at present. Hopefully this will do the trick for him. I have been looking for gluten free breads that he might like, but still use whole grains. I have millet, but not millet flour. I am going to try grinding my own and see how it does,

        1. I hope you enjoy the millet bread. Let me know how it goes. Thanks for visiting :-)

      4. A slice of this warm from the oven with a bit of butter sounds delicious.

        1. Hi Terra, fresh bread or loaves right out of the oven, with butter, is heaven :-) Have a wonderful week.

      5. Sounds like you are very busy. Have a good week and enjoy your crafts. Diane

        1. Hi Diane, yes things are very busy right now as I've taken on some larger projects this Fall in time for Christmas. At the same time I'm trying to live life and enjoy friends. Have a wonderful week. xx

      6. A very interesting post again Joyful, thank you. Although I haven't used millet before I will give it a try as I also follow a gluten-free diet - thank you for including the recipe dear. The porridge sounds very interesting too and lovely for the cooler months.
        Watching a film such as you have recently seen tears me apart and I seem to get more and more sensitive and emotional towards such atrocities as time goes on; sometimes I wonder if we humans have learned anything over the years but we must keep up hope and faith that life will improve for so many suffering so badly!
        You certainly are busy with your crafts Joyful - all the very best with everything! I too am attempting to put together Christmas gifts and keep changing my mind over what is for whom - but all will be settled in due course, no doubt!
        Have a wonderful week, warm hugs, Joy xo

        1. Thank you Joy. I do hope you enjoy the millet loaf. The film is rather difficult to watch if you have a very sensitive nature. Sometimes we just have to protect our emotions. I get like that too. I am enjoying my crafting. I don't normally take on such big projects all at once but got an early start so I am enjoying things so far. I know what you mean about changing your mind over what is for whom. I'm going through a bit of that too, lol. But it will all be worked out in time for Christmas. Have a wonderful week ahead

      7. Hi Penny — your loaf looks lovely, and you know me: anything hot from the oven with a bit of butter sounds delicious!
        I recently decided I am not up to seeing that movie. Not trying to put my head in the sand, but will wait until I feel a little less weepy. So many horrible-awfuls happening these days. Between the devastation in the Philippines, and the premiers of BC and Alberta getting so chummy about pipelines...well, you know...
        Glad you are doing well yourself, however, or at least you seem to be. I really admire your attitude.
        Luv, K

        1. Hi Kay, so lovely to see you again. I think you share the love of butter on something hot from the oven, with a whole lot of people, lol. I understand if you are not up to seeing the movie. Sometimes we just need to protect ourselves from too much negativity until we feel strong enough to face it again. That's why I seldom watch the news, preferring to read it on line at my convenience. I am doing well. Just keeping a little too busy on some days. This week, I feel the need to "slow down" a bit. Big hugs. xx

      8. I am reading "Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley, which takes place in the middle ages. They were eating freshly baked barley bread, and that inspired me to do some baking, too. So here we are, separated by many miles but doing our hand work--you crocheting and quilting, me knitting--and doing a little autumn baking. My bread was a yeast-acorn squash-toasted pecan bread, which turned out really well. I love incorporating cooked squash of various types into my bread, as it makes the bread moist, and adds color and flavor and vitamins, too.

        I hope you have time to photograph all your handmade gifts when they are done. You know we love to see what you've been doing, and your crochet project is looking beautiful so far.

        1. Sounds like a great book Clair! You and I share a love of reading, handcrafts and baking healthy stuff, lol I do hope to photograph my gifts when they are finished. I've actually been photographing them as I make progress but it is always nice to see the ends results. Have a great week.

      9. Hello, Joyful!

        " Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it."

        – how timely ... Yesterday I argued with my father (he was born during WW II).
        He was complaining about this continuous remembering of November 9 1938 (the night when thousands of Jewish places/buildings had been destroyed).

        He is so bothered by the fact that in 2013 we still remember the injustice that happened to the Jews. He says after 50 years he doesn't want to be bothered anymore, it is no use ...

        The night before this arguement I had listened to a radio programme with a oral history-broadcast. 2 contemporary witnesses (I hope I get the term right in English) told their story. The lady had survived a concentration camp and told her story, about the years before 1938, how distressing the time has been and how the neighbours changed for the worse after 1938. I listened closely.
        Why would someone be bothered by remembering?

        What is worrying is the fact, that the grandchildren are also bothered! They complain about the new memorial plaque in front of their high school. The sign remembers the Jewish pupils, those who were dismissed from school after 1938.

        What is happening here? Why are people bothered by remembering?

        I sense a part of envy. A sort of neediness. The need to be remembered, too. My father mentioned the raped women after WWII, they had been raped by the Russian armee while the husbands were away from home, PAWs). The obvious victims are in the spotlight and other victims don't matter.

        Sometimes it can be difficult just to remember.

        Oh, and millet. Yes, I love millet! I "met" millet in the Ukraine, for breakfast and enjoyed this ancient grain very much! It now is a staple food in my kitchen. :-)

        Your postings are inspiring. I have been searching for interesting blogs, the mere lifestyle does not appeal me as you can tell from my comments.
        Thank you very much for letting me be your guest!

        1. Hello Paula, I do thank you so much for sharing your views on remembering. It's always interesting to hear other people's thoughts and viewpoints and you've given me and my readers some other things to consider like the women who were raped in WWII. These days there are some veterans that don't want to participate at all in any Remembrance services because they have been mistreated by the government here in terms of pensions. It is really a sad situation how we treat people these days and discount their needs after they have sacrificed so much for us.

          I'm glad you like millet. I"m glad too that you find my posts inspiring. That is a huge compliment. Please come by and visit and share your thoughts whenever you like.

      10. I haven't eaten millet for many years, but I am going to see if I can find the flour. I agree with your pet peeve, it is annoying that these products are extremely expensive.
        I like to use oat flour when I need something a little different but very tasty. I simply put whatever oatmeal I have on hand into my blender and blend until the flour is fine enough to use.
        Thank you for the recipe for this bread.
        Hugs, Cindy

        1. Oh Cindy, I'm glad you share my views about annoying prices for "yuppie" products. Places like whole foods (and formerly Capers) here do a booming business catering to the needs of people for such niche products.

          I also use oatmeal and pulverize it into oat flour from time to time. I really like it.
          Hugs. Joyful

      11. Hi Joyful! Such a healthy bread to eat! We all are supposed to be eating more whole grains, and you make it delicious. The bread looks dense, and I bet it's wonderful with butter. I have never cooked with millet, or baked with it, but I know it's good for you.

        Thanks for sharing your homemade plans for Christmas! I had to smile at your comment about Thanksgiving...I never thought of it that way, but I guess it does help in prep to have it celebrated already.
        Have a good Tuesday!

        1. Hi Ceil, I am so glad to have more time these days to enjoy cooking with a variety of grains. I especially enjoy trying something new when I have time to do it properly. I also get enjoyment from the idea that it is good for me!

          I'm glad I've given you a smile over my Thanksgiving comment ;-) I have always thought that way and often wonder how you folks to the south of me manage to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas in such a short space of time!

          Have a great rest of your week my friend.
          Hugs. Joyful

      12. Your bakes look lovely! Thank you for joining in the Christmas swap! Your partner is Tammy from the blog My Journey -more details and links on my blog. Happy swapping!
        Marianne x

        1. Hi Marianne, I've made contact with my buddy and I look forward to the exchange. Thank you so much for organizing it. Have a wonderful week ahead!

      13. It's always fun to try out new bakes, especially if it's with ingredients you've not used before. Like you I am making dishcloths, except mine are more like washcloths - it's important not to leave those handmade gifts until the last minute. I learnt that lesson last year... x

        1. Hello Gillian, yes it is always fun to try out new bakes. I love your washcloths. I'll be giving some away at Christmas too. It does take more thought and planning to give home made doesn't it? No last minute shopping will help us when we make home made :-)

      14. Wow, what a nice and healthy loaf you have here...this will be a great way to start a morning.
        Have a great week :D

        1. Hello Juliana, thanks so much for your kind comments. I'll be by to check out your recipes soon :-)


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