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Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing fabulously!

I can't believe how time is flying by. The summer is practically over and I haven't even had time for
"summer things".

I am keeping busy as always.  These days I am trying to focus on my health. It takes all my effort.

I missed my 3 month blood glucose readings so have no idea how it is doing. I lapsed in taking my daily blood glucose readings, again.  but at least I've continued with daily exercise and that is critical to keeping blood sugar lowered.

I've added a few new health supplements to my regime though not daily. Powdered Vitamin C and mushroom supplements as well as probiotics. Good health starts in the gut with good gut flora. I do everything I can to improve the gut health so that my immune system can be strengthened.

I've started something new this week too but I don't want to reveal what it is for another few weeks. If it works I will do a post about it. I am excited though to give this new thing a try. After only 2 days my feet already feel better. I don't want to get ahead of myself though because it takes much more time to see how things really work.

I like fizzy drinks.  This powdered Vit. C added to water is fizzy.

Mushrooms & probiotics are for gut health.
Of course I always love to read and I think reading improves the mind. I bought the first two books in the pile at the library for 50 cents each. I've read two of the bottom 3 books in the pile. The red book I'll Never Be French is a rather fun book about a man who moves to Brittany, France with his girlfriend. His relationship with his girlfriend doesn't last but his love affair with Brittany continues. A well written, heartwarming, humorous book.

The other book, Olivia is also interesting too but I think it could have been much better.   It is a biography of Olivia Newton-John who has always been a favourite singer of mine.  The book certainly told me a lot more about her than I knew but the information is somewhat spotty.  I don't know if  Ms. Newton-John collaborated on the book but it is a thin one as far as biographies go. It is only 267 pages long.

Beautiful Ruins is about an almost love affair that begins on the Italian coast and continues in Hollywood about 50 years later. I can't say more because I haven't read it yet. Laced With Poison is a murder mystery which I have started. It is a nicely written and interesting book but so far I am only on the 2nd chapter. I am saving this one for my transit rides when I go out around the city. Same with The Lost Art of Gratitude by Alexander McCall Smith. I've read many of his books. The ones I like best are set in Botswana, Africa but I'm sure this one will be endearing also.

My latest reads
I'm also trying to keep my spiritual side nourished by keeping in contact with friends and following through on missions needs abroad.

It's been a strange week for getting together with friends. Everyone is so busy these days or not feeling well and so I've had to scramble to keep up with the schedules changes and people keeping in touch and trying to connect.  In the end I just go with the flow but almost each one of my friends is going through something fairly major and stressful.  I can help by encourage them and praying for their needs.  I don't believe in frantic activity and pushing myself beyond my limits so the actual getting together part may take a little long than touching bases by phone or email. Things will all come together when they should as long as everyone makes an effort.

Some of my friends, including blogging friends, also remember to keep me in prayer along with any needs that are on my heart.  I can tell you it really makes a difference in how I go through my days and it gives me strength just knowing that there are people who will take time out of their day and remember me in their daily devotions. That is why I will always do the same for them.

I've also been busy this week with missions needs in Africa. I've added another boy's education needs to my list. This boy lives near Monrovia, Liberia and hopes to be accepted at the end of this month to a private high school (cost is approximately $150 US per semester or $300 for the year).  First he has to write an exam at the end of the month before he finds out if he is accepted.  Once enrolled he would board at the school and get an education in a vocation. He wants to be an electrician.  Liberia is short of skilled tradespeople at the moment so hopefully this will help him to find gainful work afterwards. High school is 4 years. At this point, I have only committed to one year to help a friend who is looking after many orphans in that city.  She has left the comforts of America to go and live with the children. She has one other "boy" who needs to complete high school if anyone else is interested in helping let me know.
The boy from Liberia. It is so sad that he and his siblings are now orphans as a result of civil war.

Elvis, the young man in Kenya who is in medical studies should be finishing up this month. I hope he will have done well enough to graduate though I am not exactly sure when the ceremony will be. He will need funds for the final month of boarding and studies, and then for the graduation ceremony itself. It will be a BIG event for his family as he will only be the 3rd child in the extended family to graduate from university. What joy that will bring to his single mother!

You might remember my friend Jonah and his uncle who lost a loved on in the Mpeketoni attack last month. They finally found out how to apply for reimbursement from the government. They haven't got the money yet and it is sorely needed.Your prayers for this situation would be appreciated.

If you can help with any of these needs, please send via Pay Pal to kerichojoy[at]gmail[dot]com.
If this doesn't work for you and you still want to contribute, please send an email to the same address and let me know what works. Perhaps ebank transfer would also be an option for you.

Well my friends, it is always good to drop by and see you on your blogs and to read you on mine. I wish you all a very wonderful rest of your week. Relax, enjoy & take care of yourself.


  1. Boy - I just went through a few really sad blog posts...and then I got to yours. Much better! Hoping your secret new thing keeps working - feeling better is always good!

  2. Yes, Penny, I agree with KT above: your posts are always so positive and uplifting. You get so much achieved and you always motivate me to look to the needs of others. I love the look of the book on Brittany and want to see if I can download it on my Kindle. I'm also over the moon that Jonah and his family will be reimbursed. Praise God. Bless you for being such an asset to our world! (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. Dear Joyful, you are filled with kindness and love towards others, blessings on you!
    Thank you for another very interesting post about your friends - I keep them and you in my prayers. I do hope the new 'thing' you are trying out really works well for you and that you can achieve a good balanced health regime.
    I too have read a few of Alexander McCall Smith's books and have the one you mentioned - The Lost Art …… I do like his Sunday Philosophy Club Series of which that is one - lots of lessons on real life.
    Weekend is almost here again, enjoy it! xoJoy

  4. You are a good person. Thank you.

  5. Glad you have found some good natural alternatives to keep your health in check x

  6. Hi Joyful, What a wonderful update. I think your focus on health is great. I’m not sure how old you are [ 39? ] but as one who is in his “golden years” I can’t think of much that is more important than health. I can’t wait to hear about your new experiment that is making your feet feel better! Your reading list sounds quite interesting. And your mission work is certainly admirable. Interesting about the young man in Liberia, and Elvis … my goodness, Congratulations are in order. Thanks for sharing all on your excellent blog. John


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