Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Quick Trip to Northern Kenya

Hi friends,

A good person once you shelter with him under the bush you will know him, and bad one as well.
~ Kenyan Proverb

Things are busy for my friends in Kenya. After showing support for our friend who lost her child a short time after being rushed to Tenwek Hospital, several of my Kenyan friends have been in northern Kenya ministering to the Pokot peoples.

I wrote last time about their missions trip to feed and evangelize the people in the Marsibit area. You can read more here.

People in this dry and isolated area are literally going hungry and have been for some time. My friends and their various churches banded together to bring some hope and food relief to these people. They were able to get together large bags of maize for distribution to the people.

Photo credit:  Jonah of Missions of Hope, Kenya
  (All photos in this post belong to Jonah of Mission of Hope, Kenya).

Amongst the group of humanitarians were two of my friends:  Jonah and Japheth.They were taking both humanitarian and spiritual help to the people. I met both of these Godly men years ago on my very first trip to Kenya.
Japheth is a Pastor at a church near Nakuru.

Shortly after I met Japheth and his wife Loice, Loice delivered two healthy twin daughters.

This young woman and her husband are now missionaries to the Pokot. They travelled from Maasai Mara to minister in the Marsabit area.

One of the beautiful women of the area. I find it amazing how the woman look so well put together despite the heat, dust and lack of water.

This is Jonah ministering to the women. These woman are all very slender and hold themselves with dignity.

It was a quick trip to bring compassion to this remote part of  Kenya, and unfailingly the vehicle overheated on the return journey home. It always happens on these journeys that the car overheats or the tires go flat. It is a given in Kenya due to the condition of the roads and the heat of the days.

Please continue to pray for these people who are going hungry more often than not. It must be so very hard for those who have children. It is hard enough to feel the hurt in one's (adult) stomach, let alone to see children suffering from daily hunger.

Have you ever suffered from true hunger my friend? I know some of you have, especially if you grew up in poverty like I did. We were not hungry every day.  My parents did the best they could and by and large my siblings and I had it much better than many other children in homes around me.  Some years were better than other years. But always I was aware of the shame that poverty brings and to try and hide just how little we had compared to others.  It makes some of us stronger and vow never to be hungry or poor again. For others it beats them down and they never can come out of it. Those life lessons learned as a child and the lessons I learned in the humble church where I was privileged to attend, taught me that I have a loving Father in Heaven and he not only loves us but desires that we should love one another and be good to our neighbours (near and far).

In a recent post, I wrote of another Kenyan friend who was rushed to Tenwek Hospital due to pregnancy complications.  She lost her child after a valiant effort by hospital staff to try and save both baby and mother. It is a very sad situation and mother has been in hospital since then but is now physically well enough for release.

Please pray that her and her husband will be able to cover the hospital bill. 

Thank you to those of you who desire to help her. Her family appreciates the love in action.

Blessings to you my lovely readers. 
May God grant you all a wonderful week ahead free of illness, free of pain and free of major worries.


Joanne Noragon said...

Physical extremes seem unacceptable in this world, but are a daily reality. Bless your friends.

John's Island said...

Hi Joyful, Your mission to help the people in Kenya is very admirable. I continue to keep them in my prayers, and you as well. Thank you for sharing the photos. It is hard for me to get my mind around the inequities that exist in this world. I appreciate that your blog brings some of this hardship to our attention ... it increases our awareness. You know the old saying, "Out of sight, out of mind." Thank you for bringing this into our minds. God bless. John

Ceil said...

Hi Joyful! Your Kenyan updates are always filled with joy, and sorrow too. What a blessing that there are people there who minister to the sick and poor. And that was you too. There is so much need in this world, it can get so overwhelming. Reading about how some reach out and give of themselves is so encouraging.
Growing up in poverty is something you would never forget, I'm sure. And I know that perspective helps you to minister to others who have very little. You have such an insight into their feelings and struggles.
Your friends will be in my prayers,

Bethany Carson said...

Prayers for those who are in need. Thank you for your work to help them.

Mridula said...

Thank you for the account, it is so moving.

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