Saturday's Critters, February 13, 2016

There are usually a lot of seagulls on the beach.

On this day I only spotted one in the water and one or two flying overhead.

(Click the photos for a larger view).

I wanted to capture this piece of driftwood. While I was doing that I spotted the gull drifting along on the waves.

Too bad I didn't have the good zoom lens with me.

Happy Valentine's Day to you ♥♥♥

Joining in with our host Eileen at Saturday's Critters


  1. Hello, Pretty view of the gull and water. I like the driftwood too. Happy Valentine's Day to you!
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. That is a cool find.
    I guess it is searching for food. :)

  3. Beautiful captures. I like the first one.

  4. Oh, this water makes me smile! I long for summer and seeing our lake gulls. The driftwood shot is especially nice!

  5. There are a lot of things that bring joy in our simple living.
    Very nice photos! I also wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
    All the best for you Edith from Germany

  6. Hi Joyful, Your daily posts this past week inspire me to get more active with blogging. I am wondering if you are back into your walking routine and taking photos while out and around like the big tree and waterfront photos? I really enjoyed your photos and comments on Kunghei Fatchoy earlier this week. Hope your weekend is great!

  7. Happy Valentine`s Day to you, beautiful views,thanks for sharing,phyllis

  8. Happy Valentine's day to you!

  9. I like the gull photos as you shared them....without the zoom; it shows a lot of depth and perspective.

    Well done.

  10. And to you!...Nice shots even without the zoom.

  11. A great shot of the driftwood. That seagull does look rather lonely doesn't it?
    I've been very behind on keeping up with your posts over the last year - I hope to change that this year :)


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