A Busy Week

Hi friends,

I hope all of you are well. I've been a little less present on the blog this week due to busyness.

Unexpectedly my washer broke down so that added to my usual workload. I cleared everything out of the laundry closet and sorted everything as well as wiped it all down.

Of course, the washer breakdown necessitating an analysis of whether repairs are worthwhile or whether a new machine is needed.  This in turn meant even  more time doing online research, telephoning washer repairmen, researching flyers for washer sales and so on.  It looks like I will have to purchase a new machine.  After talking to experts, reading reviews on line and speaking with relatives with similar washing  machines I feel rather fortunate to have had my washer working as long as it did.  Many people seem to get only 4-5 years out of a similar model while I had 10 years. Even so, it is really   shame that we live in a throw away society and that manufacturers and retailers have done so little to improve the longevity of machines.
Most of us have become aware that machinery and equipment of various kinds are no longer built to last even if they don't become obsolete due to technological advances.

While I was cleaning out the closet, I was motivated to complete a number of Spring cleaning projects.  Things get so dusty over the Winter despite regular cleaning.
It feels good to clean in nooks and crannies and get all the dust bunnies out.  

Several bags and boxes of items to give away were put together and photos taken so that various advertisements could be prepared and posted on line.  I'm always surprised at what people are interested in.  This time the large bucket of powdered laundry soap was a sought after item. And also some clothing which often seems to be the hardest for me to get rid of.

It is very time consuming to give away several different items at the same time.  It requires responding to emails and scheduling meet up times when it is convenient for both parties. Inevitably I find, that often those that are the first to request an item are the ones least likely to be reliable when it comes down to picking the item up when they say they will.  I still prefer to give things to someone who might actually use them rather than to throw things in the trash and add to the landfill.

Since Saturday the weather has been slowly improving with more sunshine and gradually warmer days.

Soon I will need to prepare the garden.
 In the meantime I've started some seeds, both flowers and vegetables. This is the first year of starting my garden mostly from seed. Usually I purchase starter plants because I'm often behind schedule.
This year due to late warming weather, I think I can garden in the old fashioned way which is how everyone did it when I was younger.

On the hobby side I've read a few more books and increased my year-to-date total to 21 books.
I've put together several completed books to gift to my hairdresser tomorrow. I usually get books on loan from the library but from time to time I purchase a novel or two from the thrift stores. I often return them to the thrift stores once I'm finished but this time I am happy to give them to someone I know enjoys reading.
I had a huge surprise late last week when relatives arrived in town without  notice.  They were here on other business but managed to find time for a lovely dinner.  Eight of us dined, visited and laughed together at a local neighbourhood restaurant and we had a lot of fun.
  Considering they live so far away it was touching to know they made time for me.
This particular set of relatives always does.

Last, but not least it seems so many people I know have their birthdays in April and May.  This has been keeping me busy writing and sending cards and phoning far away friends.
It's always nice when someone remembers me on my birthday and I try to remember special days of friends and family members.

I'm enjoying the last days of the tree blossoms.
I missed out on a lot of them but there are still some beautiful ones around.
I hope you enjoy the few I've posted here in this space today.
I think this variety of cherry blossom is the Prunus kanzan or the Prunus serrulata.
Sadly the trees are getting rather old and I never see anyone pruning or tending to them but they are still blossoming each year and bringing a lot of joy to me and to others.

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  1. Beautiful blossoms! Hope you got the washer sorted out.

  2. Beautiful photos. So glad that you are warming up a bit. We seem to be cooling down again a bit but not too bad as yet!! Have a happy week and stay safe. Diane

  3. You have been busy!!
    My husband is pretty handy and usually can fix things a few times before we chuck it out to buy new.
    I have a May birthday too. : )
    The tree blossoms are gorgeous especially against such a pretty blue sky.

  4. Wow Penny, your header is beautiful as are the photos of the blossoms. Enjoy them while you can. After reading about your doing a clean up, I decided to pull away the freezer (which has accommodation items piled to the side of it in a corner) and vacuum and wipe away the webs and dust. I found your Christmas card which made me feel quite teary as I received it during the time of Grant's passing and had it displayed in my new house throughout the Christmas season! Have a great day. Jo

  5. I'm sorry about your washing machine, Penny. You are certainly correct when you say we live in a throw away world. Such a shame that companies no longer take pride in building durable products for the customers.

    How nice of your relatives to think of you and that it worked out for everyone to get together for dinner!

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful cherry blossom pictures throughout your post. They are lovely.

  6. You have been busy with seeing family, purging/organizing your things, and dealing with the washing machine. When mine broke, I was lucky -- I took my stuff to Rick's. But I got 23 years out of it. Your blossoms are dazzling!

    1. Hi Jeanie, 23 years is a good, long time for a major appliance to last. Red below had his for 40 years which is just awesome.

  7. We had to make a similar decision on washers a few years ago. Our old washer lasted 40 years. The new one? It's too complicated for it's own good.

    1. Wow Red, 40 years is a nice, long time for a washer to last. These days I'm doubt there is an equivalent.

  8. Beauty blossoms!
    There's nothing worse than when your appliance breaks down. :( well...maybe the car.
    I pray over my washer every time I use it because it should have gone belly up long ago. I'm thankful for our appliances, but I realize they can go in an instant.
    All the best with yours.

  9. I'm sorry about your washing machine. It really is sad that things are not built to last now.
    The blossoms are beautiful!

  10. I can SO relate to your appliance story. We had a washer/dryer set that lasted over 15 years, and it was so simple to operate! With our new house, we have a new washer and dryer and I am still figuring out all the bells and whistles! Thank you for trying to sell items rather than just throw them in the landfill - we have less and less land to do this with! The last picture in your post is a doozy - great composition!

    1. Hi Angie, I am not selling stuff I'm giving them away for free. They seem to go faster when a photo and brief description are posted.

  11. I’m so busy, no time for spring cleaning, and I thank you for the cherry blossom. I love those late double blossoms the best.

  12. I agree, appliances just don't last anymore. The cherry blossoms are just beautiful, I love all the ruffles of their petals.

  13. Gorgeous macro floral shots ~ Yes , life keeps us busy and sometimes interrupts ~ tis the way ~

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  14. Wow. I'm lucky my laundry equipment has lasted almost 20 years. I guess I should be grateful instead of grumbling at it.
    Those beautiful blossoms! Oh, how I'd love to see those in person. The weather is gradually warming up here in southeastern Alberta, but Spring is always slow in coming. Then we have our baking hot summers! LOL
    Now, back to MY spring cleaning, which seems never-ending, possibly because we have taken up shredding, and I'm wondering if we are too old to go completely green. It's a worthwhile ambition, so...!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  15. Spring is a busy time in the garden. One of the reasons we moved into a retirement village. However in saying that I have just planted some flowers I was given as a present in our tiny patch of garden. Love the blossoms.

  16. 10 years is a good length for modern washers. I know washers made in the 40s-60s are still in use in places. Things are made to fail today, sadly.
    I am with you on the giving away rather than throwing away. Too much trash, too much waste and the land gets a beating.
    The blossoms are so pretty. Nothing here yet except the occasional forsythia bush in bloom.

  17. The blossoms seem to wash everything clean!!
    Glad you showed the photos of the beautiful pinks there, I love seeing them!
    Hope all gets fixed and washed and best with all the spring cleaning!!♡


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