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Hello friends and fellow bloggers,

I'm now back from my quick trip out of town to attend my late Sister-in-Laws (SIL) funeral. It was a very unique funeral. My late SIL had many interests in life and a host of friends and family members. She was a bit of a maverick and one of the MC's at her service called her one of the last true cowgirls of the area.

It is only fitting then that they opened service with a Cowboy's prayer. The MC's were and are cowboys too. Her son and other relatives also work with horses and cattle and many work on the land. Many First Nations dancers, drummers and singers were there to honour and sing to her for several days before and during the service.  A fire was kept for several days and nights with young fire keepers staying awake to ensure the flame never burned out. Food was brought in by many locals and tea, coffee, juice and water was constantly available as we condoled with family in the days and nights before the service.

One thing that stood out to me is how everyone spoke of my late SIL's hospitality and kindness. Her brother was one of the MC's and he told the assembled crowd to put aside any differences and love one another as that is what his late sister was good at. Loving others and embracing people of all backgrounds. I certainly do remember her kindness and care.   She was always positive whenever we interacted.  I also remember her as an avid cowgirl and outdoor person, a hunter and fisher providing food not only to her family but to others. These are just a few of her unique characteristics and accomplishments.

After the service, her casket was driven to the local cemetery in a truck and was escorted there by several horses and riders including her son. Her grave marker was carved by one of her nephews.  All in all, I know she would have been happy with how her family organized everything on her behalf and I'm sure she was looking down and smiling at the proceedings.

Her son (my nephew) on the gray horse.

These friendly horses came up to greet us as we parked to get photos of the riders.


After the service, a few of us drove back to Vancouver. 
About an hour into the journey home, we ran into miserable weather.  At one point the weather was extremely stormy and windy while the skies poured down hail.  
Other times it snowed or rained until about 2 hours from home when the sun came out.
Thankfully my brother was the driver and he is a most excellent driver in terrible weather conditions.

This photo was taken about half way through the journey home.

All this wintry weather is not terribly surprising given that much of our journey is through the mountain highway, called the Coquihalla (Coq for short). It has the distinction of being the deadliest highways in the province with 400-500 accidents during the Winter seasons.  Fortunately for us, there was not much traffic on the way home given it was still early in the week.

We arrived at the dinner hour but most of the traffic was leaving Vancouver, not entering,  as people headed home from work in the city. We didn't have to compete for highway space.  To be honest, the traffic was lighter going into Vancouver than I've seen it for many, many years in all my many journies back and forth to visit my late mom.

This photo is taken at the highest elevation of the highway. Surprisingly it was not snowing here.

I'm now back home, recovering from the past week and trying to catch up to things.
It has been a very busy and difficult week to lose and bury a friend and family member.
I need a bit of recovery time too.
We are expecting a wet weekend so I won't likely be going far afield.
 I'm hoping the weather will improve before all the cherry blossoms disappear so I can get more photos.

Thank you to everyone who made inquiries and kept good thoughts and prayers for the family.


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  1. What a very unique funeral for a unique Lady. So glad you made it home safely. I'd have been a nervous wreck.... just another of my fears... riding in a car especially during bad weather.... well.... riding in the car with my husband at the wheel is my biggest concern... 😁 Hope you have a good weekend full of rest! 💜

  2. Sorry for your loss. Lovely shots - sounds like the perfect send-off for your SIL.

  3. So very sorry for your loss, but what an interesting story and funeral! Indeed she must have led a very unique and adventuresome life. So happy you made there and back safely with all the "weather". Praying now for your family as they settle back into life without her presence. (((hugs)))

  4. Heartfelt condolences to you and all bereaved. Lovely images!

  5. A satisfactory funeral service is so important to we left behinds, and I see your sister in law was well loved.

  6. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. She sounds like she was a solid down to earth person. Obviously she was respected and loved by all.

  7. Oooh ~ love the horse photos! ~ lots of healing energy for you for your loss of your sister-in-law ~ sounds like a very special lady.

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. I'm sorry for the loss of your dear friend and family member.
    Your SIL sounded like one very unique individual who certainly lived out the love of Christ. Her funeral was quite something, what a glorious way to have been remembered and honored by her family and many friends.

    Happy to see that you are home safely, now rest up, dear friend.

  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. But it sounds like such and interesting ceremony and I'm so glad you shared the story and the pictures. Have a blessed weekend.

  10. Now that is a great send off for your sister in law. In my mind being hospitable is one of the greatest labels a person can be given in this life.
    I hope the welcome her spirit received was even better on the other side!
    Hope you are feeling good now.
    Sending a hug.

  11. Very unique funeral, and sorry for your loss. I like the photo of the horseback rider escort!

  12. An unusula funeral I would think and it sounds like very fitting. Glad that your brother was driving and that you had a safe trip.
    I hope you have a trouble free weekend and get a chance to relax a bit. You seem to have had a difficult few weeks. Take care Diane

  13. What a unique and personal funeral. I was about to say "remember when funerals really didn't express the one who died" but sometimes that's still the case. I'm so glad that over time we have learned to have this final farewell be one that the person would love to attend, that reaches out and makes those there who knew her less wish they'd known her more. I send healing wishes to your family.

  14. A unique kind of funeral but sounds a very fitting one for a much loved woman.
    Glad you made it home safely in all that bad weather.

  15. What a unique, but special funeral. I think she would have appreciated it.
    Glad your drive was safe!

  16. We can all pray for such a wonderful, loving, well-thought-out send-off. Losing someone is never easy, but this ceremony seems to me a celebration of her life rather than a mourning of her passing. A blessing, indeed. Glad you made it home safely. Many years ago I was driving a van in a rainstorm and ran off the road. Ever since then, I am more than a little nervous about driving in rain!

  17. May your grief be brief. A loss is never easy. My condolences. Your words about her unusual wake and burial was touching.
    Now let the sunshine come your way soon. Here we are having an ice storm and all the coming week remains cold. No Spring here so far.

  18. You've had a stressful week which you captured and shared beautifully. My prayers are with you for the coming times of sadness and remembrance. God bless!

  19. Sorry for your loss! I think that was a very special funerar

  20. Hello, I am sure it was a stressful week. I think the funeral seems perfect for your SIL. The grey horse is beautiful, I love all the horses. Prayers for you and the family. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Thanks also for the comment. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  21. What a lovely funeral and celebration of your Sister in law's life and presence. This sounds an amazing community and it really helps to have this coming together for those mourning. Glad your journey home was safe. Take care as you get your bearings.

  22. Sounds like she had a wonderful, full life and that is a cause for rejoicing. People live, people die, and it seems like she will indeed be remembered by many.

  23. I am sorry for your loss. A unique funeral with the horses. Love the shots of the horses. Yes our weather has been awful lately. Hope it improves soon.

  24. I'm sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law she sounds like she lived a life worth living and was loved by many. That service and fire seems incredible and a huge honor, I've never heard of anything like that, it sounds as if it might have Native American origins.
    There aren't enough cowboys in this world.
    I just got back from a funeral today and the weather warnings have been worse than the actual weather because it hasn't frozen over yet. When I stopped for a hot chocolate w/whipped cream I had the worst time making it to the car in the wind. Literally couldn't walk forward to the car.

  25. Even with the grief and sadness, it is so touching to read your post about your Sister-in-law`s life, as reflected in how she was honored at her funeral. So much life comes through, and the love that she shared with people in her life. The horse pictures are so touching, and beautiful. The cowboy way of life looks very special. What a beautiful and loving family. Thankful you had a safe trip home. God Bless you as you rest and in your recovery time...Love and hugs!!

  26. What a fitting funeral for such a lovely lady,sorry for your loss xxx

  27. A lovely tribute to your SIL. The journey home sounded horrible. Glad you made it safely.

  28. What a wonderful and unique send off your SIL had. I imagine it was a very moving and emotional few days. She was obviously highly thought of in her community :)


  29. I am so sorry to hear of this loss, Penny. I'm glad you were able to travel with your brother to be a part of the family. Hope you've been able to get rested up a bit this week.

  30. So sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law, Penny! Such an unusual tribute to her with the horseback riders. She lived life to the fullest, and was honored in a special way. I feel bad for you for the difficult journey back. Doesn't look like Spring has come to your area so far! Hope you rested well, and started your week well after that long and sad event!

  31. Sorry to have to miss a SIL and friend. Her funeral was a great tribute to her. And so unusual - that is probably how she would have wanted it.
    Many thanks for your reply to my email and appreciate changing your profile - it makes it so much easier for non-blogspot blogs:) Also, thank you for visiting my blog today:)

  32. Thank you to all who visited this post and left lovely comments and to those of you who prayed for the family. God bless you all!

  33. what a beautiful tribute to your late SIL thank you for sharing continuing in prayer for your healing! take all the time you need
    thank you for stopping by my place always a nice treat!!! blessing my northern friend


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