Saturday, December 7, 2019

A Little Behind But Forging Ahead

Thank you to everyone who left such wonderful comments on my last post. If you missed it you can find it here.

I hope to continue my travel posts in a few days but for now just wanted to pop in here for a moment.

In not so fun news, I finally had the first dental for my bridge work.  As always there were unanticipated costs because there was a deep cavity under there and it required work. My dentist had to remodel my gum to properly get at the tooth. That wasn't anticipated and meant I had to get prescription antibacterial mouthwash and some kind of ointment. It also means 3 dental appointments rather than 2 so the dentist can see how things are going before the new mold is made for the laboratory to make the new bridge. I'll be glad when it's all finished.

I've been busy busy with cleaning, decorating & shopping. The shopping wasn't just for Christmas though I did some of that too.  I was returning some items previously purchased and looking for a new coffee pot. My coffee pot is perfectly fine but very basic.  For some time I've been wanting a coffee maker with a thermal carafe to keep the coffee nice and hot. Well imagine my surprise to find all the coffee pots are well over $100 Canadian. In fact most of them are double and triple that cost and I find that to be too much money.

The best deal I found on line was for a Cuisanart coffee maker with a thermal carafe. Cuisanart is a good brand for kitchen appliances. But then I decided I had better use a gift card that a dear friend gave me for Christmas last year.  The gift card was for a store called Canadian Tire.

Canadian Tire had several pots and I settled on this coffee pot by Hamilton Beach. It doesn't use a carafe because the coffee is kept in a holding container inside the coffee maker.  You can set the timer for how long you want to keep the coffee warm. I've made coffee in it twice already: one very small pot and one larger pot just to test it out. It seems to work just fine.  Best of all I got it for 'free' with the gift card because it was 55 % off and most of the reviews for the pot are very good.  I'll wash and box up my old coffee pot and store it just in case I need it later.

Other than that I bought a pre-lit cedar bough for the top of my bookshelves since I can no longer reach the socket now that I moved the bookshelves around. The prelit lights use triple A batteries and suit me just fine though I may actually return it for a wider bough made of artificial pine needles and berries. When I went to the store the garlands were very picked over so there may not be anything left by the time I return.

My decorating is never over the top but it is a lot for me since I am not a big fan of decorating for the holidays. I love to see the end result but I do not enjoy the process. I have everything up where it should be but now need to work on fluffing up the leaves and garlands and putting the small bulbs on my small tree. I hope to finish on the weekend because I'll be too busy this week to spend time on decorating.  Once I finish decorating I do really enjoy sitting in the evenings with the main lights off and the Christmas lights on. They cast a cosy glow and make me feel very contented and joyful.

I also continue to be busy with the missions in Kenya. I don't have a lot more to report to what I mentioned in this post but I do have some very good news. The doctor has said that my friend Eunice could be going home in about 2 months as she has been slowly but steadily improving so the family and I are cautiously optimistic. It has been a long, hard road for Eunice and the family and for me so this news was very welcome. If you'd like to make a contribution to her recovery, please see the link on the right side bar or contact me.

Sunday I'll be going to a luncheon with two family friends and it will be a nice time to visit before the Christmas season is fully upon us. One of my friends just had a baby on November 11, 2019, Remembrance Day and  it will be my first change to see the baby girl. I have been busy shopping for little Christmas gifts for those I will see and making it a  priority to wrap them so they are ready to go. I also popped a few extra Christmas cards in the mail though most went in the mail late last week.   Before the week is over I hope to finish wrapping gifts for the family but I still didn't find the time to alter clothing for niece. Once I confirm the measurements it won't take that long.

Do any of you grow ficus lyrata or ficus bambino?  I've been wanting a larger ficus lyrata for some time now but the ones that are a good price at IKEA are sold out whenever I've tried to purchase one.  On Friday night I managed to find a store that was selling some small plants.  Their larger ficus lyrata sell for over $400 Canadian. I was very happy to get two smaller ones for $16 and tax.  Living in a north facing, coldish condo doesn't really help with growing tropical plants which can be quite finicky in our climate.   Even with the heat on,  the drafts that find their way indoors are not good for the plants. That's another reason I don't want to spend too much money on any plant.

Here is a photo of the baby plants. If you know about this kind of plant let me know what you think it is because  I may have actually purchased a ficus bambino and not the ficus lyrata.  In any case I will enjoy trying to make these little plants grow.

I asked why the top leaves were so big and the under leaves were so small. The salesperson said because the growth comes from the bottom. That doesn't make any sense to me since the new shoots are coming out at the top of the plant not the bottom.  I remember days long ago when I lived in other homes. My plants did well in those days and I hope and pray they will do well again.  I find plants are wonderful addition to a home.

I haven't had time to do any reading or movie watching so I'm still making my way through the book on Coco Chanel. I was surprised to learn things about her which cause me to admire her less. I won't say more in case you want to read the book yourself.  I will say that she made a lasting impact on the world of women's fashion and it is good to know more about her.  For that reason alone I am happy to read this very well researched book.

Last, but not least, I picked up this movie from the library called She Walks Ahead.  It's based on a true story about Catherine Weldon, a painter, (played by Jessica Chastain) who leaves New York and travels to the plains to paint Chief Sitting Bull. Chief Sitting Bull is played by Canadian actor, Michael Greyeyes. Of course movies don't always stick to reality so if you are interested in knowing more, read here.  This story was all new to me and a very interesting bit of history.

That's all for now. Have a wonderful week.


shayndel said...

HI Joyful!Sorry to hear about your teeth . Prayers for you that it will all go smoothly for the bridgework, and you will smile a joyful smile at the completion!! And even in the midst as you get each step done with Jesus' hand of healing and provision upon you!! Glad to hear Eunice will be going home and that she is getting better!! May it be a healthy and happy season for you and all your loved ones!! Blessings and Love!!♡

Mari said...

I'm never thrilled about dental work. It's expensive and no fun! I hope you are soon done with it.
I like plants but seem to have a brown thumb. We do good with them outside, but not in the house. Hope yours grow's!

Joanne Noragon said...

I have that book in my stack to read.
Sorry about your extended dental work. I have an artificial tooth that gave me a scare a year ago, and included such an antibacterial mouth rinse. It either was yellow or green, and absolutely horrid. I used every last drop of it, however.

Joyful said...

Mari you are so right about the cost. I've been pretty blessed with decent dentists who are gentle but I really detest laying in those chairs and gagging with a rubber dam on. Thanks for the good wishes on the plants. I am feeling optimistic and went out and bought two more, lol. One aloe vera and one Christmas cactus.

Joyful said...

Thank you my friend. I'm grateful for your prayers and your good wishes all around. Happy and blessed Christmas/Hannukah to you and your family.

Rhodesia said...

Sorry about the teeth and yes the costs as well. I have 3 gaps but unless I laugh a lot they are not that visble so put up with the gaps!!

I do not know those plants at all so am no help. I am reading all S.J.Parris's books at present, love the history, and Giordano Bruno the star of the stories, I am now on book 5 but I see there is a new one out as well.

Hope you are keeping well. Diane

Joyful said...

Hi Diane, I need my teeth to chew so I have no choice but to move forward with the work, *sigh. I am not familiar with the author you are reading but I'll check out the books and see if they will appeal to me. I'm always looking for good books I'll have a look and see if I can get them at the library. I went a bit crazy buying a few more tropical plants last night, lol. I hope at least some of them will survive and moreover, thrive. Have an awesome week ahead.

Joyful said...

Oh nice Joanne, let me know how you like the book. I have it on my 'to read' list as well. The mouth rinse I am using is pink and it isn't so bad. I just try not to swallow any of it. The cream is a light pink and is gritty. When I put it on my gum it forms a protective film.

Jeanie said...

It sounds pretty good, Penny, apart from the dental work. Productive and pretty, too. I like the idea of the pre-lit boughs. Makes a ton of sense. Meanwhile, I can relate to no reading time. I'm in the same boat! Keep at it and hope the teeth thing straightens out soon.

shayndel said...

Thank you Joyful!! BTW, I like your new coffeepot! Thats great you got it for free! A nice gift that I am sure you will enjoy sharing warm coffee and friendship!! Blessings! xox

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