Middle of February and We Got Our First Snow

On Sunday Valentine's Day we had snow fall. It snowed a few times more during the week but it didn't last more than one night before it all melted, at least where I live. 



As the week progressed we also got more colour in the sky and it was so lovely to see the sunshine and the beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds.

I made time to go for coffee. I just stopped off at McDonald's as it was close to where I needed to run some other errands. Besides I like their coffee since it is always hot and fresh. 


Going for solo coffee is when I love to bring a good book to read. I read these two different books on two different occasions. The first book is written by a fashion psychologist and talks about the science of fashion. It also gives you some tips on creating a minimalist wardrobe. I found it a very satisfying read and would like it for my  personal library but right now I'm still in downsizing mode so I'll hold off on that. I am not into working on my wardrobe right now but in future I will have to make time to go through all my closets and drawers and get rid of things once again. I've been on a long and slow process of weight loss and so I have to get rid of things I'd like to keep but  no longer fit well.

 I am also getting into the book below about French women and how they survived in Nazi occupied Paris.

I bought this beautiful magazine as a nice easy to read treat. I love decorating magazines but don't buy too many because once they are read you need to store them. I used to buy a lot of magazines and so now it is a real treat since I only buy one or two every few years.

I've just order this book, Woman in the Wilderness from the library and it's ready for pick up. I saw this woman and her husband interviewed on a You Tube video. They both live in the wilderness of New Zealand and the woman is 30 years younger than her husband. They don't even live in a house except when Miriam's husband Peter got sick and they live primarily off the land. Miriam is a beautiful, healthy looking creature who kills the animals they eat. Before she lived on the land she was a vegetarian.  Now that they live in the wilderness they need the protein that comes from the animals in order to survive.


Here is a sample of meals I've prepared this week.

First up is raviolini stuffed with butternut squash served with a cheese sauce, baked chicken and simple salad.

On another day I made hamburger and macaroni soup in a tomato broth.

Next up is a batch of roasted beets,carrots and nugget potatoes.

The roasted vegetables accompanied roasted brisket which I marinated overnight before cooking.

Another day I made roasted pork chops and onions and sliced roasted potatoes flavoured with onion soup mix. I read about using the onion soup mix but if you suffer from swelling then I would advise against using this and to add fresh herbs and spices instead.


In my last post I mentioned that Pastor Jonah had to return to Kericho Town to assist with showing the land to local leadership and court and land officials. The expectation is to also provide tea or lunch. Apparently the meeting went well but it was raining so heavily and cars had to be hired to transport people. They didn't linger for a long meeting due to inclement weather but they were provided tea. The officials in attendance seemed satisfied that everything is in order concerning the land grant application but I am not sure how long it will take before a court hearing is scheduled to learn the outcome of the land grant petition.

Next week it will be time to send funds to various people in need. Please keep the needs in prayer if you pray.

Thank you.


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  1. I used to buy (or subscribe) to magazines more often too. Now, when I get one, it's like a special treat, so I understand that! (And Victoria is always a good choice!). That view of the mountains with the blue sky is stunning!

  2. Beautiful skies! Seems late for your first snow. I love the third photo, with the snowy mountains in the background.

  3. Variadas fotografías en una bonita serie de imágenes.

    Feliz fin de semana

  4. Your books sound good. I saw the interview with the woman in the wilderness. It's on my reading list too. I like your photos especially your header, it's beautiful. Take care and have a great weekend.

  5. I love seeing that blue sky and fluffy clouds!
    The woman in the wilderness book sounds very interesting.
    Your meals always look good. I haven't had beets for such a long time.

  6. You're lucky your snow isn't hanging around.

  7. Beautiful snowy photos. My favourite is the 3rd photo showing the mountains. Your food look delicious and making me hungry. I better go get my dinner ready, I am famished.

  8. Hello Penny,
    Love your views of the blue sky and clouds. Our snow is slow to melt, we have piles everywhere. Your meals and roasted veggies look delicious! Beautiful photos! Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  9. Wow hopefully we have missed snow. It is warming up here but could well return to winter yet! I have put the Anna Sebba book on my wish list, it looks interesting.
    Keep warm and stay safe. Diane

  10. We get frequent snow on the front range of Colorado, but it also melts quickly as we have full sun afterward. Your books look interesting and I love roasted vegetable and hearty soups this time of the year.

  11. Beautiful capture on the skies and pretty snowy images! Interesting books to go with coffee.

    Take care


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