Friday, March 26, 2021

A Glorious Sunny Day

 It was such a beautiful day on Thursday and I was able to get out a bit earlier and get some photos of the blossoms. These ones were in my neighbourhood. I would still like to go further afield and get more photos on another sunny day.

I have been busy working on a digital project that has taken a tremendous amount of time. I'm finally making progress on it and hope to finalize it in the next few weeks.  Then I can work on organizing all my digital and paper files as well as my closets. Things just seem to take me much longer these days.

I've also had a bit of time to read here and there and have returned the several decorating books I borrowed to the library. I also picked up two new books.  One is called Greenlights, a memoir by actor, Matthew McConaughey.  The other is a novel called The Sweetness of Forgetting by Kristen Harmel.  The novel is one of several I've read by the same author.  All the novels I've read deal with the horrors that befell the Jewish people during WW2.  In every book the author presents a lot of  new to me historical information and I've learned a lot (her books are based on historical facts).  I find the characters and story lines very interesting too though they are set against the horrible backdrop of the  Holocaust.


I've mentioned in other posts that I've been doing some minor renos and small decorating projects since before Christmas. I seem to have an endless array of things that need to be done, one of which is finding a better way to store items like throw blankets, large shawls, blankets, sheets and blow up mattresses.  A storage sofa might work but my sofa is still in decent condition so I won't be buying a new one soon. Instead,  I stored one of my blow up mattresses underneath the existing sofa.  It was a tight fit so I may put some bed risers under the feet of the sofa to gain a few inches. 

The ladder is made of pine and lightly coated in clear finish. I took this photo on my walk home with the ladder.

I also ordered a blanket ladder to hang all the throw blankets and large shawls I have in my living room.  It gets pretty chilly for half of the year at night even with the heat on. I still need to find a way to store extra sheets and blankets which are larger. Again, I'm thinking of lifting my bed with bed risers and storing extra blankets there.  I do have a cedar chest for storing linens but it isn't large enough for everything. I think I've also stashed some large blankets in suitcases which are in my closet.  I also recently gave away a few sets of sheets I haven't used for several years and a few throw blankets so that I don't need quite as much storage as before.

I didn't work on my patio garden yet.  It's just as well because my plans have to change.  The strata council is bringing in new bylaws to be voted on in another week or so at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  I have no doubt the new changes will be approved by the majority of owners. The changes that affect me more directly will be the new rule that we can only plant flowers, not vegetables.  The other rule is we cannot put out any bird seed in feeders.  I'm assuming it's because vegetables attract rodents and bird seed attracts birds and bird droppings.  My neighbours on the top floor have been dealing with the messes left by birds for some time and the strata had to approve an expensive solution of installing wires around the perimeter of the roof to dissuade birds from roosting.  Even though I've never been bothered by bird droppings, I know that the rules have to apply to everyone. I hope to grow some herbs however.  I may simply grow them indoors and take them outside to get some sunshine now and then.

In Covid news, the province has ramped up it's efforts to vaccinate people well in advance of it's original schedule.  It's because they are going to give everyone a chance for early vaccination by delaying the time between the first and second doses of the vaccine.  This means most of us will be vaccinated 4-5 months than earlier thought and I will likely get mine before the end of the month. Other loved ones have already got vaccine one and yet others will get one in April.

Last, but not least,  I want to mention one matter related to the Missions of Hope in Kenya.  I'm looking for a donor who would be willing to help Ernest every month with food and medicine needs.  It is very hard to find a job in Kenya evening during pre-Covid times. But due to his diabetes and Covid concerns the doctor doesn't want him to venture from the village to the town to look for work. I'm looking for a regular donor to support him monthly ($100 US dollars 85 Euros, $125 Canadian, 11k  JYen, $130 AUD).  If you cannot contribute monthly but want to help, kindly let me know at  kerichojoy[at] gmail] dot [com] (eliminate square brackets).

This is a photo collage of Ernest when he was in hospital in 2019. He was hit by a truck while he was walking to hospital to get his monthly medications. He has recovered from surgery with the help of one kind blogger friend who helped with medical costs for surgery and food during his recovery period.

Galatians 6:9
Thanks so much for reading. Enjoy your weekend.
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  1. Beautiful shots of blossoms. Reminds me of Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms painting.

  2. Beautiful sky shots. Love the tree blossoms, and reminds me that our pear tree didn't flower much this year. In normal years it flowers profusely. Hopefully next year!

  3. Those flowers are so pretty!
    I like your blanket ladder. That's a good way to store them.

  4. The blossoms and the weather are fabulous.
    Good luck on decluttering with underbed storage and the lovely ladder.

  5. Very pretty blossoms. I am not making good progress in decluttering because everything to hubby is useful.

  6. Hello,

    Lovely shots of the blossoms, they are beautiful trees. A blanket ladder sounds nice, I keep a throw on my sofa for those chilly times. I hope you are able to grow your herbs. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  7. Lovely blossoms. Sorry we cannot help with donations but my pension is so small that without Nigel's help I would never survive. Luckily he has a British Pension , but as I never worked there, I was in Rhodesia, I lose out. I get a tiny bit because I am married to N but not enough to actually live off.
    Have a good Sunday, Diane

  8. Yay for the good vaccine news! That's just thrilling! I love the ladder idea for the blankets and oh, those blooms. Such a wonderful post, Penny!

  9. Preciosas flores hay en tu barrio. Se nota que ya está ahí la <primavera.

  10. I enjoyed your photos of the blossoms and also love the ladder for the blankets. That is a great idea! I wish I were able to assist your friends in Kenya, but I am not able to. But I can pray for them and for others who are able to help to do so. God has many ways and many people who can help...they just need to be made aware of the need. So I pray your message will get out to others and perhaps there will be some who step up to assist with these important needs. God is able. Regarding the garden, I would think that herbs should be fine and shouldn't attract the birds. I hope you can still plant them there. Seems like such a great idea to me. Please take care and have a blessed and beautiful Easter.

    1. Thank you my dear. I pray too for God to touch hearts especially those of the household of faith. God bless you and your family at Easter. xx

  11. Glorious, indeed! And I love the blossoms in subdued colors in the previous post, too. If only people know what cherry blossoms are like, they share the same emotion, the sense of elation or euphoria, to see the blossoms. We live apart, but connected by the blossoms. Good news about vaccine in your place. In my country, vaccination for the elderly starts at mid-April. Since elderly homes and over 75 are the first in Nara City, my first jab would be sometime in May. Take care.


    1. Thank you so much Yoko. We are connected you and I by our great love of the cherry blossoms. I'm so glad that you will get your vaccination soon. I've had my first one but not yet sure when I can get my 2nd one. It will depend on availability of vaccines. Take care.


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