Friday, November 26, 2021

Last Friday in November

I made this Christmas floral display illuminated by small lights for a cosy glow at night.

This first set of sky photos was taken on Tuesday when I went to the hospital downtown for a scheduled appointment.

(I apologize for the messy sizing and photo alignment today. I had a lot of trouble with blogger).

This week I tried a few new chicken dishes. I made a prawn salad in between to cut the heaviness but the hearty chicken dishes have been good during our cold, stormy weather.

Creamy Tuscan Chicken

Sesame Chicken

Prawn Salad

These last few photos were taken today during a short break from our relentless storms.

Thank you for stopping by.

Joining with Skywatch Friday today.



  1. I liked the former version of Blogger better. It was much easier to position photos with better spacing and to control how it worked with text. - Margy

  2. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my review of "Indian Horse" by Richard Wagamese. I agree, he left us way too soon. His works have been very helpful for me. The review was a reprint from a year ago. On Sunday I will have a new review of "For Joshua". - Margy

  3. Hello,
    Pretty sky images. Your floral arrangement is lovely. I would try the chicken and prawn dishes, they look yummy. Take care, have a great weekend!

  4. I like the Christmas floral display. Beautiful photos of your city and sky. Delicious looking food. I just had my dinner.

  5. Wonderful photos of the skyline, etc., and always love to see your food creations! You are very talented in making interesting and delicious looking dishes! Love your Christmas floral arrangement also. I am going to get started on my decorations today, a little at a time. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend.

  6. Your meals sound wonderful. The photos of the skyline are great. What a pretty floral arrangement.

  7. A nice variety of skies and a city skyline. It's interesting how quickly the sky can change its appearance at this time of year. Your Christmas decoration is pretty, too. I was going to start some decorations yesterday but maybe it will be next weekend. Alana

  8. Beautiful floral arrangement and photos. We have Storm Arwen going on today with plenty of wind and rain.

  9. Looks like you are getting some really pretty skies. Beautiful floral display!

  10. You look like an amazing cook! And it's fun to see your skies and city. Happy weekend!

  11. Such pretty blue skies! It's been cloudy here and the snow is falling.
    Your arrangement is very pretty.

  12. I do like your Christmas Floral Display.
    Yummy Creamy Tuscan Chicken dish.

    All the best Jan

  13. Xmas floral display is awesome as are your wonderful sky shots ~ Xo

    Happy Holidays,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)


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