Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Those Pesky Pills

Those pesky pills that appear on clothing are equally annoying with towels. I recently purchased 4 new towels on saturday, two dark blue ones and two tan coloured ones. In my rush to launder them I put them in the washing machine together. Big mistake! All the towels have pilling all over them.

Thankfully I have a trusty gadget which I purchased many years ago. I am not sure the name of it so I will simply call it a pill remover. Usually these are small gadgets that fit in your hand but this one is rather large. I am so glad I purchased it. Though I don't use it that often, it has more than paid for itself over the years.

I took a photo of the pilling on my dark towels and the pill remover. You can see that the pills are rather large.

After several minutes of moving this gadget all over the towel (as if you are mowing the cotton threads), the towels are looking better. I have completed removing the pills from the tan coloured towel and have half finished the darker ones. I will continue in the morning with the better light.

You can see in the photo above that the "catcher" in the pill remover has captured all the dark blue fuzz.

I am so happy for having this gadget. It not only saved me the frustration of removing the pills painstakingly by hand (or with some sticky tape wrapped around my hand) but also saved me from losing the clean look of my new towels.

I would be interested in knowing what method you use to remove pills from your towels or sweaters.

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