Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fantastic Walks in Vancouver

On Thursday I finally went for a walk I've long been anticipating. I've just been waiting for the weather to improve so I could enjoy this walk in all it's splendour. Thursday was just such a day. The sky was mostly clear with a few, fluffy (good meteorlogical term, lol) clouds and mostly a lot of sun.

Just so you know at the outset, I am walking to a well known city tourist attraction, Granville Island Market. This market is a very popular with tourists and locals alike and is set on an island located underneath the main city bridge, the Granville Bridge.  But I begin my walk on Broadway and Laurel, right at the corner where Earl's Restaurant is located.

As I commence my walk I can smell a beautiful fragrance coming from these bushes.  I walk further down Laurel Street, I can see many more bushes and smell more beautiful fragrances.  I had to walk down this pathway for a few blocks. It is a rather steep incline.

I am headed to the corner where this maple leaf tree is located. It marks the beginning of my secret path to the promised location.

Here is some signage that gives a tourist directions to the nearby transit and tourist attractions.

This is the secret path I was mentioning. I call it secret because I'm not sure that most people outside of the neighbourhood really know about it. I happened on it one day quite by accident and I've loved the path ever since.

When you are walking over the pathway above, you are actually crossing a very busy street called 6th Avenue.  I took photos from the path to the street level.

Now I continue on my journey taking photos as I go.

A beautiful little pond.

Take a moment to listen to the sound of rippling waters. Click on the arrow in the short video below.

Now let us continue our journey.  This next photo is like looking through a veil of trees. The veil will soon be lifted to show the beauty which waits.........

First up is this stunning water scene. A view of False Creek and the beauty of the boats moored there.

You can even see the lingering cherry blossoms. Those that don't want to say goodbye as most have already done.  The beauty of the cherry blossom is so fleeting and so wonderful. I long to see these blossoms each year.

I love the cherry blossoms so much that I even wrote a Haiku verse about them and made a small video project in honour of the cherry blossom. Here is the Haiku.

Click here to see the video

This ends this part of the journey. Join me again soon as I carry on to the Granville Island Market. I'd love to  know how you are enjoying the walk so far. Until we meet again, happy blogging!


eileeninmd said...

Thanks for taking me on the walk. Lovely photos and a great view.

Diary From Africa said...

I so enjoyed my walk with you today, & look forward to the rest of it - such lovely, modern buildings and lovely flowers & shrubs to look at, too !

Kilauea Poetry said...

The path is lovely as well as the hedge! I can't believe the beautiful stream! Honestly great you can enlarge it! The vid was perfect-love the blossoms and the sun shining through the trees- thanks!

Joyful said...

@eileeninmd, thank you for dropping by! I'm so glad you enjoyed the view.

Joyful said...

@Lynda, hi there. I'm so glad you've joined me on the walk. I try to take photos of the buildings just for you as I know you are keen to see buildings here as compared to Tanzania. I wish I had "smell-a-blog" so you could also smell the hedges.

Joyful said...

@Kilauea Poetry, I'm glad you enjoyed the hedge and the stream. Keen observation of you to see that I did indeed enlarge the video of the stream :-) You could perhaps see the traffic through the trees as this path is just past the 6th avenue overpass I wrote about.

Lynn said...

Loved the start of the walk, loved the video of the water and the sounds it made, your scenes remind me a lot of Sydney (I used to live there for a while, twenty years ago now, beautiful harbourside city in Australia) Joyful walking my friend {{{hug}}}

Joyful said...

Hi Lynn, I'm so glad to see you. Was beginning to wonder where you were, lol? I hope you've managed to check out the other "touristy" posts. There hopefully will be more to come this summer. ((Hugs))

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