Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Update on Mama Linet

My friend visited Mama Linet on December 12, 2011 to take her some support I sent to try and help her get on her feet.  Some of you remember me writing about Mama Linet before. She is the young mother with the little girl named Linet who has a cleft palate.

I came to know of Mama Linet through my friend Jonah.  He found this little family while on a medical mission.  On that mission he learned about the little girl Linet who was rapidly losing weight and could not eat.  He felt led to help her get some medical attention and the right food to help her get stronger.  He was so gratified and excited when the little girl stopped losing weight and started to get healthier. Now the little girl is thriving, running around, playing and drawing.  She still needs cleft palate surgery and hopefully she will be able to get it some day.

In the meantime, we also wanted to help this mother try to provide for her family since times are very hard in Kenya with runaway inflation and poor maize prices.  Initially, the young mom thought she would like to try and start a beauty salon.  After she thought about it some more, she decided to start a  charcoal business instead.  I do hope and pray that she will make a success of it for the future of herself and her children.

(Click photos to enlarge)

Here is Mama Linet with her children and the charcoal she is now selling.

My friend also visited some Internally Displaced People (IDP) in early December.  He returned to see them on December 24, 2011, to take food.  I wrote about this in my last two posts in case you are interested in reading more about this. It will bless you so much to see that someone's Christmas was brightened.

Jonah has visited the IDP Camp whenever he can to try to encourage the people and bring them hope. He tries to take blankets and mosquito nets whenever he can purchase them.  These IDPs are Kenyans and they were displaced about 4 years ago from their homes.  They lost everything and escaped with their lives after the ugly violence that erupted soon after the last national election in Kenya.

Here is Jonah distributing candy and medicine to the children as well as mosquito nets to some of the elderly.

These are the living conditions at the IDP camp.

We know that most people will never get a chance to go and visit these places.
We want to show you the conditions the people live in so you can determine whether you can share whatever you have to help these people.

Even a little goes a long way but we don't want anyone to give what they cannot afford. We only want you to give if you have enough food and if you are thankful for what you have.
We want you to give if you feel blessed enough to help someone else and have faith that your future needs will be met.

If you can help, you can do so here.

God bless.

Photo credits:  Jonah, Missions of Hope


Kay L. Davies said...

Jonah is a saint, isn't he, Penny? What a good, good man. And you do a fine job as his international voice.
Luv, K

Joyful said...

Thank you, Kay. Jonah is indeed a good man with a good heart for those who need help. Nice of you to visit. Let me wish you a Happy New Year!

Jo said...

Bless Jonah for his heart of Jesus and bless you for being the link between him and the world, Penny. I am always moved when I read your posts about these people as I've seen a lot of this first hand. Blessings and love Jo

Joyful said...

So nice to hear from you, Jo. I know Jonah appreciates your prayers and support. Good to see you back home safe and sound. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Love and hugs. xx

Fred Alton said...

May the Lord Bless you for your helpful spirit. Jonah too, is prayed for that he may not lose heart in his endeavor. We pray that many souls are touched for Christ because of your compassion.

Linda said...

God bless you, Penny, and Jonah, too. You are doing exactly what God asks of us, to help the least of these. You'll never fully know the enormity of your blessings in others' lives.

I know you follow Elsen's pic-a-day Kenya. Did you know he operates a business which collects left-over charcoal dust to make briquettes? You might look into his website (not the picture one) in case it would help Mama.

Happy New Year, Penny.


LV said...

Jonah is amazing. Thank you for these amazing posts and sharing what happens in places we may never see. Your posts are always so touching.
Happy holidays to you love and blessings in the new year:-)

KT said...

I do appreciate seeing the photos and reading the stories. While I struggle with many aspects of my life - I have the basic needs more than covered.

I would like to travel to Africa one day; it is something that needs more time that a week though...that I cannot do right now.

Joyful said...

Amen Fred. We desire your prayers and the prayers of the saints for these works. God bless you!

Joyful said...

Thank you, Linda. I do believe we are doing the will of our Father.
I will check out the link you mentioned.

Happy New Year to you too!

Joyful said...

LV, I'm happy to know you are following and reading about the Missions of Hope. Perhaps some day, someone you know will be able to help. In the meantime, we would love your prayers. May God richly bless you and keep you.

Joyful said...

KT, I'm so happy to hear you enjoy seeing and learning about the situation in Kenya and the work we are doing there. I'm glad to know too that your basic needs are being met. So many people are struggling with this but God is faithful.

I hope someday you get to travel to Africa. There is so much to see and do there and it is so far. A week is definitely not enough :-)

Regina said...

Hi Penny..what a sweet post and your header is so cool! Glad you haven't forgotten me. Hope you had a beautiful Christmas.
I thought I'd have a post up by then but have been swamped.
Things are very grim for Christians..blows my mind!. We have to keep praying. I read a little about the violence! I try not to let it get me down and think I need to be fasting and praying..been a bit lazy so I have to snap out of it! Anyway, thanks for your update- I will try to vist more frequently (hugs)

Joyful said...

Hi Regina, I'm so glad to hear from you and to know you are fine; even if you are swamped! I did have a pleasant Christmas. I hope you did too.

Prayer is the key to all the issues we face and to the issues happening in the world. Of course some things must happen before JC returns and we need prayer to help us through it all.

I'm glad you like my New Year's header and I hope you and your's have a wonderful and peaceful start to your year. I wish you all the health, joy, peace and love in 2012.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Good luck

Joyful said...

Thank you, Ann.

Pat said...

May the Lord continue to bless Jonah for his kindness and generosity. What a wonderful help he is and you are to the displaced people of Kenya.

Happy New Year!

Joyful said...

Thank you, Pat.

Happy New Year to you as well!

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