Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hi friends, I haven't been feeling well this past few days. I'm very tired and now I am sneezing and headachey. Please say a little prayer for me as I've likely caught a cold from the changing season.

I am keeping busy too and feel like I'm not making much progress. Too many things to do and so little time.  I mentioned that I recently purchased several books at a used book sale sponsored by the SPCA.  The first of the book I read was, "Out of Africa"and I enjoyed it so much. The book is very different from most books I've read.  Karen Blixen (pen name Isak Dineson) tells of her time in Africa by writing about different people and themes, instead of telling her story through a linear (chronological ) time line.  Her lover Denys Finch Hatton, with whom she takes up after the break down of her marriage did not feature quite as prominently in the book as I thought he would.  Perhaps I just don't take to the subtle treatment of the character,or the idea that he was relegated to a chapter of the book, rather than being mentioned in several chapters.  But then that approach would not have worked too well with the order of the book. 

In any case, I read the book from cover to cover over a day and a half. I usually only do that with books I am really enjoying.  I especially enjoyed reading Karen Blixen's observations of the people she met in Kenya and her observations of their cultural ways.  It is clear that she loved Africa.  I think the people loved her.  Even today, everyone in Nairobi seems to know of  Karen Blixen.  The land where she once lived is known as Karen, suburb of Nairobi.  The last time I was in Karen was to visit the Giraffe Center and attend a CeCe Winans concert.  If you are interested in life in Kenya as it was during colonial times, pick up a copy of this book.

The second book of the "new to me" stash that I am reading is called "The PostMistress", by Sarah Blake. The story takes place in the small town of Franklin, Massechusetts during World War II. I am just at the stage of being introduced to many of the characters in the story. It may be too early to tell but so far I am not that engaged in the book though it has received rave reviews.  I think this book would appeal to anyone who has an interest in stories about small time life, or an interest in war stories.

If you are new to my blog, let me invite you to spend some time reading and/or exploring some of my earlier posts.  Also, if you are a regular reader of mine, you may have missed some of these posts so I invite you to have a look.  I just might make highlighting older posts a regular feature of this blog, or at least an intermittent feature.

I've selected a few posts (out of the hundreds) to get you started.  Please let me know if you see any problems with the photos.  Unfortunately with computer problems over the years and losses of hard drives, I've lost a lot of photos.



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Ebie said...

I hope you feel better. Me, too, having some problems with my colds, the extreme heat from the outside (100degrees) for the past few weeks and getting in the office with the air conditioning on, is making my body feel so weird.

I hope Autumn comes sooner!

Take care!

Joyful said...

Thank you, Ebie. I hope you get better soon too!

OneStonedCrow said...

awww Penny, I hope you return to good health soon - I feel a little guilty because I'm wondering if you caught it from me when you read my blog ... :)

Joyful said...

Aww, that's a sweet, and funny comment,Graham. I don't remember now whether you said you had a cold or whether it is just cold where you are right now. I'll pop by and look. Have a good week.

issatchieu said...

I will be visiting my sister in Toronto, Ajax. :)
You better keep urself warm and not catch a cold. My prayers are with you. Make there be abundance of Grace upon u.

Denise said...

Saying prayers, asking God to help you feel much better. I love you.

Fred Alton said...

Praying for you from here in Tennessee. God Bless your generous heart and give you wholeness of body. Colds and flu season is here and I usually have a bout with all the accompanying coughing, congestion and headache. However, last year I took the flu shot and that seemed to help somewhat. Just a thought.

Joyful said...

Enjoy your time in Ajaz. Too bad it is so far away from me ;-)

Joyful said...

Thank you dear Denise.

Joyful said...

Thank you Fred. I usually get the flu shot also but it probably won't be available for some time yet. I don't usually get a cold at this time of year!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I am praying that you are better soon!

Joyful said...

Thank you Myrna! I hope you get a chance to check out the books ;-)

renae said...

Thank you for the sweet compliment! that was so nice to read and realize that a touch was felt.

Joyful said...

You're welcome! I hope you can stop by some of my earlier posts ;-)

Jan said...

Get well soon Penny. Thank you for the book recommendations. x

Joyful said...

Thank you, Jan. I'm on the mend.x

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