A Whirlwind of a Time

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I've been away for a few days and am home for the day before heading south for a short tour.  In my short visit, I had a chance to visit mom several times, attend my eldest nephew's wedding, meet his little boy for the first time, and visit my niece who came to the wedding with me.  My hotel was located next door to a quilt fabric shop so I had time to squeeze in some shopping. I was across the street from a mall so I also ran some errands for mom and managed to stumble upon a used book sale run by the local SPCA. I bought several new books, including "Out of Africa" .

Here is a little peek at my weekend.

First my mom's birthday. We always have a small celebration with a fruit cake and real cream. In this case the filling is made of bostom cream and the top layer has whipping cream and fresh fruits.  There is a little plaque on it which says Happy Birthday since we cannot write on top of the fruit in a legible way.  We had a feast of deep fried chicken, a couple of salads, french fries and gravy as well as sodas. Whenever we visit, mom wants to eat food she doesn't usually get and we always try to make her happy.

My mother's small birthday cake and her home made birthday card from one of her granddaughters. The cake was delicious  and so filling after eating dinner.  Though it was a small cake we couldn't eat it all and just like last year we provided some pieces for the elderly residents.

Here is some of my shopping. As you can see, I have added to my craft stash and to my reading hobby.

The wedding of my eldest nephew was the other main reason for my recent journey.

My nephew is a cowboy and he absolutely loves the lifestyle. He and his new wife both love animals and it was an obvious choice for them to have an outdoor wedding with a western theme. The weather cooperated very well.  The day was quite warm.  There was an intermittent breeze and we were happy to have the cloud cover.  Otherwise the sun would have been unbearably hot.

These two tipis (traditional Indian tents) belong to the groom's aunts. One of his grandmother's stands in traditional regalia.

The arbor under which the officiant and the bridge and groom said their vows. You can see the two saddles in the background. both the bride and groom love animals.
A close up of the saddles and the stunning pendleton blanket.
The Commissioner of Marriages is having a word with the groom while they are waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The groom, my eldest nephew,  waiting to make his entrance. His groomsmen were dressed in complementary western attire and also saddled up for the entrance.  I love this young man so much. He has always been a very responsible and loving boy and now a handsome and responsible young man.

The weather on the way home was perfect. This was the scene as we crossed the bridge on the last leg of the journey home.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek at my weekend.  I hope to have at least one more post of the wedding once  I get the photos organized. I'm also making a video for my nephew as I managed to capture some of his unique day on film and want to put it together for him along with some of my stills.

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  1. wonderful shot! Thank you for the visit, much appreciated..


  2. Penny, what a lovely wedding. I recently saw photos of another cowboy wedding in Arizona. The bride rode in on her horse, wearing her wedding dress and veil, but she was barefoot. I have to admire the optimism of the young--I would be expecting an incident at any time!

  3. A lovely wedding indeed and wonderful captures, Penny! An exciting time for all of you! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. What a wonderful weekend! Great Celebrations ! You must have had a great time!Beautiful Pics!

  5. Joyful,
    It is wonderful you had delightful family gatherings and special events! How nice it is to see the cowboy wedding. Yes, your nephew is a very handsome man.
    Have a great week.

  6. Wow, that was quite a weekend. So glad your Mom had some celebration of her special day, too. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  7. Glad you enjoyed your family gatherings. Great series of captures.

  8. Looks like a wonderful weekend full of joy and celebration.

  9. What a wonderful weekend!
    Great congratulations to your mother and nephew!
    Fantastic to celebrate a wedding outdoors.

  10. Hello Joyful
    Nice pictures you show.
    Congratulations on your mother's birthday - and congratulations on your oldest nephew's wedding.
    Hope you are well.
    Wish you a good day / good week.
    Hugs Hanne Bente

  11. Great view of a cowboy wedding!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  12. Wow, Penny you have a real cowboy relation and what a handsome man your nephew is. That is awesome! What a lovely post. Happy birthday to your dear mom too. And I did a double take at the Bernat wool in your handicraft photo. I'm off to the city tomorrow and will look for this wool. Thanks for sharing your interesting world.Blessings Jo

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  14. What a well connected, happy family you seem to have! What a blessing!

  15. Precious moments with your family, what a blessing. Hope your mom enjoyed her birthday, the cake looks delicious.

  16. Your nephew is indeed a very handsome young man! It looks like it was a unique and colorful wedding. It is always fun going to relatives' weddings. Sounds like you had a good time.

  17. Great photos of your busy weekend. Good luck to your nephew and his bride! Your Mom's b-day cake looks yummy.

  18. sounds like a fun and busy weekend! good for all of you. enjoyed your photos.

  19. That wedding is really, really beautiful. May they always be happy!

  20. as lovely wholesome, family post; I enjoyed every photograph (and your stack of goodies).

  21. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing ...

  22. A glorious weekend you certainly had, Joyful! Lovely pictures, too.

  23. Happy 76th Birthday Penny's Mum. xx

  24. fantastic!!! what a fun wedding. the groom looks very handsome, I'm glad that the weather was nice for you all. what an experience!!!


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