Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Missions of Hope

Hello everyone,

Jonah, of Missions of Hope (MOH), has placed his missions outreach on hold for the foreseeable future. As many of you know he has recently graduated with his Masters Degree in International Development and is currently looking for employment. While he puts his energy toward that, he will not be able to continue with his volunteer work helping orphans and widows.  That means his MOH blog is no longer available and he will not be taking any donations at this time.

If and when the work resumes, I will let you know.  He wants to thank any of my readers who have contributed toward various initiatives over the past few years. Your contributions are not unnoticed and they mean far more than you know. To date, we have fallen far short of the funds needed for little Linet's cleft palate surgery. I am still hoping to proceed with this initiative but it will take much more time. We value your prayers for Linet, her family and her surgery need.  When I have something concrete to report on this need, I will provide an update on my own blog.

In the meantime, I will continue to do a small part toward assisting the villagers in the villages around around Kericho, Kenya.  This work is modest and sporadic (and includes things like the Jiko Stove project which you can read about in my blog).  I am currently trying to raise funds through sales of my crafts.  There is a link to my Etsy shop on the right if you are interested. Alternatively if you wish to make a small donation, please let me know.

A panoramic view of Kericho, Kenya.
God bless. xx


Terra said...

I believe God is guiding Jonah to a great future mission, and his good works are noted. Thanks for your work too.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I hope Jonah finds the work which is best for him. It would be great to see Linet's surgey go ahead too.

Denise said...

Praying for Jonah, and Linet.

Icy BC said...

I don't know if my comment went through, but I wish you sell lots of item from your shop!

Lonicera said...

I'm glad for Jonah that he is now embarking on the next phase of his life - he's had to wait longer than most. But sad because he won't be updating us on Linet and the others he and you have helped. When I can next afford a bit I'll contact you to ask how to do it - I can't imagine how you would get donations to them now without Jonah, but I'm sure you'll find a way.

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