Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Night Images of La Belle Province - Pt. 3

All these photos were taken in the Town of Lanoraie, along the St. Lawrence Seaway at night. We had spent the day in Louiseville & Lavaltrie & had come back to rest in Lanoraie. We quickly went for a walk along the waterfront before the light faded entirely. It was lovely there except for the mosquitoes which were thick. I dislike mosquitoes immensely but wanted to see what I could before the light was completely gone.

My French relatives were very much involved in the planning of the tourist information and the art works that now exist along the waterfront. They also helped to plan for a small stage (I didn't get a good photo of it) so that productions could be presented on  the waterfront.

My 80 year old relative wrote and produced a historical play which was enacted on this small waterfront stage. She was a bit younger when she did this creative work.  All in all it was a real treat to see the work the relatives (all sisters) had been involved in and to hear their passion for the cultural work they seem to do so much of. Her and her two sisters have a passion for history, geneology and writing. She says she has about 4 more books (in her head) but is running out of time to put them on paper.

Church on main street near the water front.

It is said that when the French explorer, Jacques Cartier passed through Lanoraie in the 16th century, the Iroquois had already been established in the area. They called place Agochanda or Agouchonda, which means a place to stop and eat and rest.

The parish in this area was established in the late 1600s but development of the village didn't really occur for another few hundred years.  The small town is steadily growing with the current population at about 5000 people who predominantly speak French.

My next travel post will feature the historic house where we spent the night and then we will drive north to Quebec City and farther. Join me later.

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  1. Hi Penny, thank you for your sweet and caring could not have known that I was sick, which is quite understandable since you were on a beautiful 'road trip' and had more important things to do than to be checking on blogs; I was the same way when we were in Italy back in June of this much time to spend with other things than blogging!

    Thanks for taking us along on your historical Canadian road, love, all the photos, and especially the 'quaint' little fishing villages.
    BTW-my little kitty is so super sensitive to every thing that is happening around her, and has been feeling sad for me and left out since I couldn't spend as much time with her as usual, but she get plenty of cuddles, and hugs from me and my family as well...although she is used to her little environment with me...alone!

  2. Beautiful pictures Penny. Looks like such a lovely place.

  3. I feel I would love to walk there in the evening light also and to see the play and hear those stories. Penny i am so glad for you to be sharing all of this with your relatives. x

  4. A lovely evening's walk. History, genealogy and writing--each can fill a life time.

  5. Oh how lovely to see these things and know that your family was personally involved.

  6. Wow what a trip! Thanks for sharing:) Of course - I do like the art works!

  7. What lovely shots.

  8. Your night shots are beautiful !

  9. Low light photography certainly is tricky. I wonder if you were using a tripod?

    1. No tripod. I just have an inexpensive point and shoot. Normally the photos don't turn out but in this case they weren't too bad. Thanks for your visit.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit to enjoy nature, history and some unique art!

  11. I've read a few of your more recent posts, and it sounds like a fascinating trip, especially the family historical aspect. Your pictures capture the small town essence and make me want to visit some of these areas someday! You mentioned autumn being your favorite season in one post - September is here tomorrow so fall is not far away. It is my favorite season also.

    Thanks for visiting my shelf cloud SkyWatch post! :-)


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