Chicken Lickin'

This Chicken-Cauliflower-Cheese casserole was a welcome change from plain old roasted chicken.

I used boneless chicken breast baked with cauliflower florets, diced green onions, sliced mushrooms & mushroom soup for the sauce.  I baked the chicken at 350 degrees before adding all the other ingredients. 

You could also par boil the cauliflower florets to cut down on cooking time. I added some water to my mushroom soup but if you want a thicker sauce, omit the water or use it very sparingly.

I topped the casserole with sliced cheddar and mozzarella cheese and baked for another 20 minutes. It gives the appearance of skin on the chicken.  Serve with rice and side dish. I served mine with brown rice and a side dish of a simple mango salad (diced red onions, chopped red pepper and chopped mango).



  1. i love the the sound of this dish so much,I wish you plate me some up x

  2. Ah yes, it's looking yummy Joyful - I bet you enjoyed that:) xoJoy

  3. Lovely, lovely foodie post! It's Cauliflower Cheese around here tonight as I found a lovely big cauliflower in a corner shop yesterday. Might try the chicken along with it. Thanks for sharing this Penny. X

  4. This sounds and looks delicious. That mango salad idea is inspiring me!

  5. Hi Joyful, This looks really delicious. Thanks for the great suggestion! John

  6. Bet that was good, it certainly looks it. Hope you are well. Have a good week. Diane


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