Grey Skies and Garden Greens

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend wherever you may be in the world. In my part of the world it has been raining heavily all week. I was looking forward to having rain because it has been so hot and humid for me this summer.

Unfortunately I was not counting on the arthritic pain that came along with the rains. I've been moving more slowly this week as a result and not feeling up to much of anything.  After 5 days of rain, I am feeling better today.

As you can see from the photos, we've had thick gray skies with a sliver of blue (lower photo) but so far it hasn't rained today.

I was disappointed in my garden this year. Nothing really grew as it should. Some things matured too quickly and died.  Like the corn I like to plant most years so the squirrels can have some food. The sweet peas which I planted for the bloosoms also died rather quickly.

Even container plants which have always done well for me, like pansies and geraniums, died rather quickly even though I did dead head and water them.  I thought the pansies had died altogether.  But just the other day they started blooming again so I hope they will last for a little while yet.

I can't really complain too loudly about the lack of gardening success for I don't really tend to my garden too much except to water it almost daily and deadhead the container plants.

Everything looks a bit wild, lol!

Just when I thought none of the vegetables would grow I see the kale is looking healthy and the brussels sprouts are suddenly doing better too. Even the tomatoes are finally showing signs of growth.  Perhaps all is not lost just yet. I will be glad to use anything that grows. Sadly the sunflowers I planted for the birds didn't grow very big and are almost dead now after the heavy rains this week.

Almost ready to use. I've seen smaller leaves on bunches in food stores.

The strata council where I live will soon be uprooting all the gardens to test for membrane damage.  Hopefully next year I can plant and tend my garden without worrying what will happen to it. Perhaps next year things will grow better.

I've never grown these before but they look almost ready to harvest too. I've got a few bunches of them.

I have kept very busy trying to get healthy and lower my blood glucose levels (with some success),  looking after my mother's many needs and hosting some visitors a few times.  I haven't had a whole lot of time for much else, including the garden.

Thank you to all those who commented on my last post about trying to help me find pajamas and warm socks for my mother. I had been looking on line and not finding what I needed in the right sizes.

Last night I finally made it to several brick and mortar stores to see whether the selection was any better than what I've been seeing on line.  I was able to find what I needed:  4 sweatshirts with long sleeves and 3 coordinating sleepwear pants.

These are the tops (and one cami on top). Two of the long sleeved sweatshirts have a bit of glitter. 
It took some doing to find the right sizing and colours to coordinate tops and bottoms. But I'm happy with what I found for now. She wants to start wearing pajamas throughout the day so she can keep warm so I've bought things that don't scream "pajamas".

I will still be looking for thicker sleepwear.  If I cannot find them I will try and make some as the fleece and flannel selections will soon be in stock in the fabric stores. I will also wait to see how mom fares wearing what I've just purchased.  I labelled all the clothing today and hemmed one of the bottoms. I put together mom's favourite snack foods since she often says she cannot eat the food served to her at the residence.  On those occasions she needs something else on hand.  My brother will be taking everything up when he goes to visit mom on Sunday.  When I see her on her birthday later in the month I will assess how the clothing has worked out and take some measurements for the socks she still needs to ward off the chills.

Last, but not least, I just want to mention that there is still time to help Elvis in Kenya (if you wish, you can read more about him at the side bar on the right of my blog).  Elvis will take his last class at university in a week or so. He will then need some help with graduation costs and some small funds to help him while he looks for work. If anyone can assist, please let me know.  I know Elvis and his mom who raises 3 other school age children will thank you so much!

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  1. It seems you have been busy attending to your mother, your health and other priorities. The garden has still given some rewards but as you say, next year's weather may be more garden friendly.

  2. Ouch. It sounds like a painful time for you Penny. Glad it is easing a little. Your garden still looks fabulous despite your saying you don't tend to it apart for the basics. Loving all the photos. Glad to hear you found clothing for your Mum, and hope they suit. Have a good visit with her this weekend. Xxx

  3. Good Morning Joyful, Thank you for all the pictures of your garden and the sky photos as well. Regarding your experience with your garden this year … I have noticed absolutely the same thing with the plants on my deck. Since we are not really THAT far apart I wonder if it might be due to the weather … the unusually warm and humid days? Our TV weather-person down here pointed out recently that the humidity this summer has been unusually high for our area. My plants did exactly the same as yours … looking like parts or all were dying … and then, suddenly, starting to look better again. Just in the last few days, after our wonderful rain following a long dry spell, things are really looking better. The rains were good but I’m sorry about the arthritis pain they brought to you. Hope you are feeling better today. Take care and have a good week ahead. Thank you for sharing your blog. John

  4. I love grey skies sometimes...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  5. Bless your heart having to tend to your arthritis as well as your Mom. Glad you have found the things you need to make her comfortable.

  6. It is nice that you will be getting some things from your garden to the table soon. Your pansies look great. By this time of summer, my pansies have flowered their hearts out and are looking pretty bedraggled. I hope your mom likes your choices and they keep her warm.

  7. I love curly kale. Unfortunately mine all died (with the help of hungry mice) this year. Maybe I'll just give my soil a winter's rest. It's too late to get things restarted in time before the cool weather sets in. - Margy

  8. Pansies are strong little smiley faces, that here in the UK can last right through the winter.

  9. It's good you found some clothes for your mother .
    Feel better

    May the good Lord bless you

  10. Hi Joyful, Please excuse another comment on this post. Just stopping by to wish you a good weekend and thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Best regards from Seattle, John.


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